As I flipped through the 1946 Wilson yearbook, I searched for a young man who lost his life in World War II, who I felt somewhat connected to. The person who stood out the most to me, was George Jordan McMahon. I can’t say exactly why I chose him, except for that he simply stood out. He was born on March 13, 1920. I can only imagine how scared, or brave George felt when he was ordered to the U.S.S. Hamul, after basic training. I wonder if he knew the danger he was in, and if he did, was he confident that he would live through the experience? I have many questions about George, that the excerpt from the Wilson yearbook doesn’t go in to. What were his reasons for going to war? Was he recruited against his will, or was he eager, and more than ready help the United States as best he could? I suppose it really doesn’t matter, because regardless, he fought. What is for sure, is that he died with pride and dignity. George Jordan lost his life after several trips to Iceland and one to The South Pacific. He lost his life when the U.S.S. Hugh L. Scott was torpedoed and sunk off French Morocco on November 12, 1942. George Jordan McMahon, along with countless other U.S. citizens, who died in this tragic war, displayed incredible patriotism for his country. McMahon was only twenty two years old when he died for our country. He fought, as his duty, and he sacrificed all that he could possibly provide, his life.

I believe that the great task remaining before us, at this point, is peace. May we all pray that World War II was the last to be fought. We live in a society of relative equality, and hopefully in the future, it will remain that way, and even progress. Abraham Lincoln’s, The Gettysburg Address, was extremely powerful. He strategically worded his speech so that people would eat it up. He used concepts of duty, patriotism, and dedication to a new birth of freedom that people could connect to. Lincoln shifted terms of what we think of our country and he stated that we must fight for liberty so that our beloved nation would prosper. Government of the people, for the people, by the people, was what we must fight for, so that our nation won’t perish, were the words of Lincoln.

Did George hear a speech like Lincoln’s, and feel deeply inspired? Have we reached the goal of The Gettysburg Address yet? I think we have, thanks to Lincoln, and thanks to people like George. I believe that I am dedicated to the great task remaining before us, which clearly is to maintain this prosperity that our country possesses. I hope that our county remains united forever, and I have a feeling that enough people in this modern society, feel a sense of duty and dedication to this country as well.

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