Civil Works Administration

Civil Works Administration

The New Deal was developed of United States president Franklin D. Roosevelt. It was a program that took effect between 1933 and 1938 to help work with the effects of the Great Depression. Roosevelt developed many new federal programs and agencies to help reduce unemployment and restore the economy. His programs helped increase government involvement in many Americans. The big stock market crash of 1929 was the beginning of the Great Depression. Unemployment increased greatly. Farmers lost most of their land, workers lost their jobs, and many Americans lost all their savings because thousands of banks closed.

On May 12 Congress passed A Federal Emergency Relief Act. Former social worker Harry Lloyd Hopkins was promoted to federal administrator of emergency relief. He wanted the president to establish a Civil Works Administration, CWA, to provide emergency jobs for 4 million unemployed Americans through the winter. He got what he asked for.

The Civil Works Administration was set up to put 4,000,000 men and women to work as soon as possible for approximately three months. Four hundred million dollars of public works funds was given to the Civil Works Administration. Half of the people employed were supposed to come from the relief rolls and the other half were supposed to come from unemployed people whether they were on relief or not. A Civil Works Administration project is a project that involves or works with the construction of something. Some construction projects like, Building repair, such as painting, electrical wiring, paper, hanging, roof repairs, repair of furniture and modernization of equipment are all projects of the Civil Works Administration.

I think the Civil Works Administration was one of the best things that FDR passed during the great depression. It not only helped get people to work but it also helped shape things up. The great depression hit everybody and everything. Everyone was in big trouble, both with money and with work. The economy was at a very bad position. Allot of people were not working, not making money, and allot of people lost their money in the banks because they closed. People were poor and they couldn’t rebound, not even a little. The Civil Works Administration helped them do that. The Civil Works Administration put them to work, and helped them make money, and in a way helped the economy.


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