Frisz, with a friend were stumbling over dead bodies in the dark woods when

they thought to secure food from the dead. Frisz suddenly touched a body

and was preparing to cut away the knapsack when the wounded soldier asked

him to please not take it as he might need it before aid came. Frisz did not

take the food and passed to the next where he found a haversack

with biscuits and hardtack in it. It was so dark in the woods that the men could

not see their faces before them and they told by their sense of feel that there was

food in the knapsacks. They agreed to divide and keep themselves safe by

eating at once. Both swallowed cornbread, and biscuits. It was the remark

that the food was sweet and sticky, but the soldiers thought the confederates had

crossed a stream nearby and it had been caused by this. The next morning they

were awake early and each started for the two biscuits they had saved for

breakfast. They were found to be dark brown and soggy with the blood of the

southern soldier who had owned them. He had been killed in the fight and his

wound had bled on the knapsack and the food saturated with blood. Both Frisz

and the fellow-soldier who had eaten with him became deathly sick for a

little while.

This quote from, Peter Frisz: Memories of the Civil War, really paints a picture

of the monstrosities that occurred during the civil war. Another quote from this article

demonstrates the importance of technology in the civil war. The Seventeenth was in the

center and first in the charge. When the tide of the fight begun to flow against the north,

the wings on either side were forced back, leaving the Seventeenth exposed on both sides

and the front to the fire of the southern army. Regardless of the position the Seventeenth

held the point for some time. They were armed with six-shooting Spencer rifles, the most

modern of that time, and the confederates had only the single shot rifles. When they

would attack the Seventeenth would shoot seven valleys to their one and thus they were

driven back.

Research shows that the Civil war was greatly affected by technological

advancements. In 1861- 1865, the time of the Civil War, the main advancements that

affected the war were the development of ironclads, and the spreading, and use, of


The Civil War is a very important event in U. S. history. It is the costliest war

that the American people have ever fought in. 620,000 Americans died in the Civil War,

364,000 being Union soldiers, and 258,000 being from the Confederacy. It is necessary

to study the Civil War, so it doesn t happen again. In order to study the Civil War, you

must study all aspects that affected the war, therefore studying teh technological advances

during the that time period is justified.

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