Procedure Of Abortion

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Abortion is the termination of pregnancy before the fetus is ready for birth. With the evolution of science and technology, a number of options have now become available for women. The stigma on abortion remains virtually the same as it was years ago, but these modern abortion procedures are far safer than those performed decades ago. Gone are the days when women had to hide from the public and induce abortion on their own through the use of coat hangers and knives, which are deadly.

A large number of people still believe that abortion is one of the most horrible things anyone can do, likening it to murder. Indeed, this dispute is reflected in the variety of laws in different states in the US and all over the world. Some people believe that abortion should only be allowed legally in cases of rape, incest, or certain death of the mother should the fetus be carried to term. Others, on the other hand, insist that abortion should not be legal under any circumstances. 

Depending on how far along the pregnancy is, there are a number of safe abortion procedures that women can choose from. 

One of the most common is aspiration abortion due to its success rate and accessibility. This can be performed during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. This is highly effective and absolutely safe. The procedure involves suction of the uterine contents through either an electric pump or a manual vacuum aspiration.

Another common procedure is medication abortion. As the name suggests, this procedure is initiated through the use of pills. This can be done within ten weeks after the first day of the last period. , which are taken orally. Normally, Mifeprex is taken in front of a physician, then Misoprotol is taken 24 hours after. There will be cramping and bleeding a day after taking Misoprotol. This is a common choice since it is non-invasive. This procedure has 95-98% success rate. This is a common choice since it is non-invasive.

With the availability of abortion pills, and the simultaneous increase in inaccessibility of abortion in various US states, self-managed abortion is on the rise, too. This involves the same pills used in medication abortion but without the assistance of medical personnel. Experts, however, have assured that if the medication instructions are followed correctly, the rest of the process will follow smoothly.

Suction, Dilation & Curettage (D&C) is a procedure that can be performed later in the first trimester of the pregnancy. This procedure involves dilation of the uterus by inserting tapered rods that gradually widen in diameter. The fetus is sucked by an aspirator machine through a hollow tube. After the suction, the curette, a loop-shaped instrument, is used to scrape the walls of the uterus to make sure all tissues were removed. D&C may also be performed without suction. In such a case, the curettage is used to remove all the contents of the uterus. There may be some cramping and menstrual-like bleeding up to two weeks after the procedure, but it is also possible to recover after a week.

For pregnancies that are in the second trimester, Dilation and Evacuation may be performed. In this procedure, the uterus is dilated, then the fetus is removed through surgical instruments and mechanical suction. The dilation procedure is done a day before the actual surgery. Recovery is quick, but cramps may continue up to a week, while bleeding may continue for up to two weeks after the procedure. Although this is the only option for later pregnancies, this

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