Partial Birth Abortion Term Paper

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05 July 2000

Partial Birth Abortion

When is it not a baby? In my opinion, partial birth abortion is not ethical, it is wrong. Lets first look at the process of aborting a child while in the mother. Depending on the phase or the trimester the baby is in, will determine how the child is to be killed. If it is more than five months the Childs’ brain will be sucked out and the mom will have to have a C-section; if the mother is less than four months there are many ways to abort a child. One for example would be just sucking the baby out of the vagina or murder the child inside and allowing the mother to have a menstrual period cycle to pass the child out so the doctor can dispose of the remains.

Now, look at partial birth abortion this way. Just imagine, holding a new born crying and full of life. Then, imagine, slowly reversing the process of the baby being born and turn back time in months. The child goes back into the mother feet first and head last, going back into the baby’s save haven and warm comfort. Eight month, the baby is curled up in a ball snug and eating foods provided by his/her mother. The child has feet, hands, a head, eyes, ears, heart, and a brain. Everything that adults should have: ears, a heart, and brain to live as a human being Seven months, the baby is a little smaller but has all the traits such as hands, feet, a heart, brain, etc., just like adults need to live. The sixth month, the baby is just a bit smaller but again all the traits are there for an adult to live. Fifth month and the baby has decreased in size to eight to ten inches. The baby still, even after the decrease in size has all the bodily functions as an adult. The baby still at this point has the ability to kick and move around, and pays attention to the surrounding outside the mother. The fourth month, the baby is now about four inches and can still move about. The baby buds the first tooth here and begins sucking and swallowing reflexes. The baby still is alive and is a baby growing at different stages. Third month, the baby is two to three inches. The baby still has a heart and brain and it aware of the surrounds. The second month, the baby is one to two inches and at this point bone replaces some cartilage and the legs and arms are more defined. The baby still continues to live; it has a heart and a brain. Now, for the last month to conception, the baby is still alive and the heart and brain are still there. The baby is about the size of a grain of rice. The baby remains a baby until the mother and father are not making romantic love to one another. Which means the baby is a baby when it is conceived.

When is the baby not a baby anymore? In my opinion, conception to delivery, it is a baby, before conception it is just an egg and a sperm, after birth it still is a living being. Partial birth abortion is wrong because people who do have abortions think it is not a living being until it is born, at any time during the pregnancy the baby is killed it is murder and I do not support any views for abortion.

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