Politics In China In 1900'S Term Paper

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The politics in China varies to republic and nationalism and

communism. First of all, there is Republican China which evolved very

slowly. In August of 1912, a new Political party was founded by a man

named Song Jiaoren. The party, Guomindang Kuomintang or KMT-

the National People's Party was actually a lot of small political groups.

In February of 1913, national elections were held for the new bicameral

parliament where Song campaigned against Yuan (the revolutionist who

lacked an army and began the outstrip of that parliament) and Song's

administration won most of the seats. Later, Yuan had Sang

assassinated and had also arranged for the assassination of several other

pro-revolutionist generals. Animosity continued to grow toward Yuan.

Yet, in 1913 seven southern provinces, an intimidated parliament and

the provincial assemblies and forced the promulgation of a new

constitution which made Yuan the president for life. Although, Yuan

was not yet satisfied so he announced the idea of establishing a

monarchy and this idea led to many rebellions and caused the Nation to

break into warlord factions. In addition to the republic of China, there

is Nationalism and Communism. After the closing of the Republic of

China shifting alliances of regional warlords fought for control of

Beijing and its government. In 1914, the World War broke out and

China became the protectorate of Japan and lost its provenience, but in

1917 China declared war upon Germany hoping to recover its lost

provenience. Later, there was the May Fourth Movement brought on by

patriotic students whose' protest developed into a national awakening,

which in short was the era of nationalism and communism.

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