Throughout history, conflicts between nations has been unavoidable. Even many of the smallest countries seem to need military protection. Few countries however have been involved in conflicts lasting more than fifty years and never actually been in a battle verse each other. The Americans and the Russians had been friends for a century, then in 1917, when communists seized power and established the Soviet Union and declared ideological war on the nations in the west, they became enemies to the Americans. The United States refused to recognize the soviet Union as a state until 1933. The two countries fought Germany in World War 2 as allies. In 1945, the United States and the USSR broke their war time alliance. They had very different political systems. They also had a bad history, but when USSR moved into eastern Europe, The United States decided that it could not be overlooked. Winston Churchill called the dividing line between the USSR’s satellites and democratic Europe an “iron curtain”. The United States knew that the “creeping communism” would continue if they let it. Thus, began the 55 year long war, in which the two sides never actually fought one another. The USSR and the United States competed over everything, from the size of their empires to how well their athletes performed at the Olympics. The most dangerous competition was the arms race. This led people to live in fear over a possible war, due to the occurrence of other wars beginning in such a manner. The United States knew competing with the USSR would not stop communism from spreading. President Truman suggested the Containment Policy. with this policy the American Nation would aide people who were being forced to become Soviet Satellites or eastern block nations. The plan started with Greece and turkey. At President Truman’s suggestion they were given 400 million dollars in aide. The country in which democracy began, (Greece), stayed democratic, as well as Turkey. Not long after the success with the Containment policy, America’s Secretary of state reached a new plan, the Marshall Plan. In the Marshall Plan, The United States aided countries, who after the war needed to be rebuilt economically, socially, and politically. Marshal said “It’s purpose is to revive a working economy in the World”. He knew communism seemed to be the only option to countries who were unstable. Although 13 billion dollars was put into this plan, it was considered money well spent. Word Count: 406

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