Alex Ausmanas

Mr. David R. Connely

Political Science 101W

February 7, 2001

Is Abortion Murder or Not?

The topic of abortion has been widely argued across the nation for many years. People have been getting abortions way before the Wade v. Roe case and as soon as it hit the courts the country came to life. In many peoples eyes abortion is a form of murder and is considered inhumane. For others, a way out, an excuse, a victim, or a life or death situation. The criticism comes from both sides. Abortion is considered murder and killing the innocent by the pro-lifers. On the other hand pro-choice activists consider abortion a right, the liberty and freedom the women should have across the world. Many women do not like the fact that they do not have the freedom and the right to make the choice for them. They consider abortion a right that was given to them and should be their choice to make; it is their body and their life.

Abortion has been thrown from left to right, up and down millions of times across the country. Whether it is in the classroom, the courtroom, or in congress. During class, when we discussed the topic of abortion and its legality, a fight almost broke out. It is very obvious that people have deep feelings for the topic. Many people in class discussed the option of more education for teenagers throughout their high school years. This is not a bad idea yet people teens around the United States are pretty well informed on abortion and still have sex left and right, with or without contraceptives. Kids see the facts right in front of their faces all of the time, but like we said in class, the sexual ‘need’ from within is overpowering for most people.

It is not only teenagers that seek methods of abortions but young adults as well. Women all over the country use many different excuses for why they want abortions. The most ‘popular’ excuse for abortion is that she was not ready for the responsibility of a child. If that is the case then why take on the responsibility of having unprotected sex? There are plenty of ways to prevent unplanned pregnancy: condoms, oral contraceptives, diaphragm, and spermicidal lubricated cream to name but a few. If a mishap should occur women can go to a hospital or a planned parent hood facility and get the ‘morning after pill.’ What people know about sex is that it is wonderful, enjoyable and people crave it; people also have to realize is that having sex is an extremely big responsibility as well. You can’t just go out and have sex with any one you want to, well, you can but it is definitely not the safest thing to do. With the risk of some many sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy in the world that is reason enough to be more cautious than ever.

The thing is that women think that abortion is another form of contraception. It’s not. Many women go through various decreases in self-esteem and moral. Women can get harmed from the procedures of abortions and many women are not even aware of the side effects that follow abortions. It is very psychologically damaging for the mother and also has some physical damage to the lining of the uterus. Many people are not aware of the possibilities to miss part of the fetus in an abortion and the infections the very well may furthermore occur with the procedures.

The decision a woman is to make for a medical procedure is their right. That right does not involve the right to choose and use abortion as a way out, an excuse for a mistake. I agree that the government and the state should not totally abandon the procedures of abortions. The use of abortions to save the life of a mother and to tend to the horrifying grief of a rape victim or incest is understandable to an extent. We have to realize that playing with ones life is not in our hands, we are not god. I strongly believe that every person in every part of the world should have their freedom and their rights. What I do not think is acceptable is people having that right and freedom to use for improper procedures, harm and to get out of situations which could have been avoided all together.

In conclusion I would like to add that I do not belief in the ban of abortion or the right to fully and completely legalize it through out the country. I agree that abortion should be a regulated procedure for medical purposes. I also believe that a woman should have the right, if she so wishes, to get an abortion. It would be taking the woman’s freedom and rights away from her that we so clearly state to be the greatest aspect of the United State of America, the land of the free.

Word Count: 833

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