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We sit together on the couch, enjoying each other's company. We talk softly of our love for each other and our future together. He runs his small but strong hands through my hair as he spills his feelings to me. I feel so loved and secure with my head resting this man's lap, like nothing in the world can bring me down. The strong smell of roses wanders to my nose as it escapes my strands of hair. The fragrance dances with that faint scent that is distinctly his, causing a wonderful combination of masculinity and femininity in the air. I close my eyes and drink in the smell. He drags his soft fingers slowly across my cheek. My eyes open to see his loving face looking down at me. I smile as I remember first meeting him and first falling in love with him. He smiles back with his broad, overpowering smile. I focus on his Angelina Jolie lips, so full and prominent. They are perfectly shaped and kissably soft. My eyes are drawn over his scarred cheek to his adorable ears. I imagine myself nibbling on them and getting that reaction that I so love to get from him. His hair is that wonderful shade of reddish black that he likes to call hibiscus. It shines in the dim light, inviting my touch. My eyes wander to meet his. He looks at me expectantly, as though he is patiently waiting for me to take in his attractiveness. I allow myself to become lost in his hazel eyes. I reach my hand up to touch his smooth-shaven cheek. It is as soft as the velvety petal of a rose, fitting to the smell of roses in the air. I prop myself up to taste his sweet lips. He pulls me closer and huskily whispers, "I love you." The words, along with his soft, soothing voice and the gentle tickle of his breath send warm shivers down my spine. I close my eyes again and try to preserve this moment in my mind. It crosses I want this night to last forever. But then it occurs to me that so many more are sure to come.


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