Responsible Teens?

Today's teenagers' actions speak for them. Abuse of controlled substances, auto accidents, and teen violence are all on the rise. Teenagers today, as a whole, are definitely irresponsible.

Today's teens abuse drugs, alcohol, and tobacco products more often and at an earlier age than ever before. This behavior has a simple reason: teenagers lack the responsibility of adults. I have witnessed, on multiple occasions, my peers engaging in unlawful activities involving tobacco and alcohol. They provide reasons such as "everyone else is doing it" or "my parents tried it." Rationalization and justification of this magnitude clearly depict the low responsibility level of today's teenagers.

More teens die in auto accidents than by any other means. A child of 15 or 16 has not yet reached a responsibility level high enough to be given the task of piloting a 2000 pound weapon. Many teens also drink and drive. Most teens do not take seriously the task of driving a car. They also lack the life experiences that produce a responsible person. A graduated liscencing system would rectify this problem.

Violence constantly plagues today's teenager. A teen should be able to enter and exit a confrontational situation without a show of violence, or he has not yet reached an acceptable level of maturity. Far too many teens join gangs as a form of surrogate family whose violent nature scar the teen for life. Might this problem be rooted in today's family structure?

Today's teens might actually be less responsible then the irresponsible teens of past generations. There will always be a group of teens out there that gets under credited. As sad as that may be, society must do what is right for the majority of the people.

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