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The decision to enforce the death penalty or not is a controversial issue in many states. Many people find the death penalty a cruel and unusual punishment. They think it is unconstitutional and should be banned. Some people think it is not right because of their religious beliefs. They also fear that the person killed might have been innocent which would be a horrible mistake. Whether people like the death penalty or not, many states are now deciding to enforce this law.

I support the death penalty because I think it is a wonderful idea. There are many advantage when a we have the death penalty rule. These rule makes criminals think twice before murdering or raping anyone which makes the world a safer place to live in. Examples of this can be found in Asian countries where a thief would get their hand cut off if caught stealing. Other countries like Singapore will cane you with a bamboo stick. All these laws prevent crime and make the country a lot safer. Another big reason why I support the death penalty is because it saves a lot of money. The amount of money people have to pay criminals alive is ridiculous. I have no idea why American s would want to pay for a criminal so they can stay in jail. I say just kill them off so that there would be one less criminal and also save tax money. Prisoners also get released from jail when the prison gets full. Instead of releasing them, I think they should be killed so that that person can not commit the same crime again.

Although the death penalty may sound like a cruel punishment, I believe it has the biggest impact on preventing crimes. The risk of death is not worth any crime.


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