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Fraud in The Firm

John Grisham was born in Jonesboro, Arkansas, on February 8, 1955. In 1967 he lived in Southhaven, Mississippi. In 1977 he received an undergraduate degree in accounting. In 1981 he attended law school at the school at the University of Mississippi where he earned a degree. John set up a law practice in Southehaven, where he practiced both criminal law and civil law. In 1981 he was elected to the Mississippi House of Representatives. In 1989 John published his first novel A Time to Kill. John Grisham has written many books, one of them is The Firm.

Mitch McDeere is about to graduate in the top five percentile at the Harvard Law School. A representative from a highly prestigious tax law firm approaches Mitch telling him of a job at his company. After a long period of thinking Mitch and his wife Abby move to Memphis Tennessee where the firm is located. At this time Mitch and Abby had no idea that they were under close surveillance by Mr. DeVasher. Mitch also has yet to learn that the firm is a cleaver cover up for a Mafia controlled money laundering operation. Mitch later visits his brother Ray in jail, who refers him to a detective by the name of Eddie Lomax. Later Mitch goes to the Caimans on a business trip and was set up have sex with a hooker that appeared to be in distress. While Mitch was gone Eddie Lomax was killed. When Mitch returns, Tammy, Eddie s secretary is waiting to meet him to let him know about what had happened. Mitch then went on another business trip and is ed by the FBI, they tell him everything that is going on and Mitch agrees to help them by copying files. After the firm is busted Mitch and Abby moved to an almost deserted island in the Caribbean in hope that they won t be found.

Abby McDeere is a teacher in the public school system. The purpose of Abby McDeere being in the book is to support Mitch and show him love, when he needs it most. She helps to bust the firm by copying the files and giving it to the FBI. She has her doubts about the firm from the beginning, but never the less she stood behind Mitch. Even though Mitch cheats on Abby and she leaves him when she finds out what is really going on with the firm then she helps Mitch because she loves him despite him cheating on him. But in the end they get back together and live happily together.

The Firm takes place in Chicago, Illinois until Bendini, Lambert and Locke approached Mitch. Then accepting the offer he was given, he and his wife Abby then moved to Memphis Tennessee. During Mitch s work term at the firm he went on several business trips to the Caymans Islands. The novel The Firm is a somewhat suspenseful but mysterious story of betrayal, cover ups, and lies. To Mitch, from the beginning, questioned why they offered so much and why they wanted him at their firm.

The whole firm was a put on and one cover up after another to cover up the Mafia operation. Over all Mitch and Abby went through a lot but still managed to stay together. At the end they move away in hopes that the will not be found.


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