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Some of the major causes for a person to commit a crime may be due to poverty, where proper access to entertainment, healthiness and learning services may be absent, where the living conditions of the people may be in a bad state, and most of the residents are young men. Generally young teenaged boys in between the age of 14 to 19 are the majority of the people committing these crimes. Compared to women, men are more aggressive and more likely to commit such crimes. People who are aggressive, hyperactive, who don’t have proper family support, who come from a broken family or witness to an abusive family life and people with certain learning disabilities or people who underwent child abuse are more likely to become criminals.

Crime deserves proper attention, so that it does not bring about fear and mistrust and stir up anxiety amid the people under attack, the society, and the officials governing the law. The concerned authorities should draw the attention of people towards crime, and introduce new laws which should not be a deterrent to the common man to complain against crime. Programs dealing with proper parenting should be conducted, so that parents can teach their children the necessary values and important strategies to deal with crime.

Among the different sociological perspectives, conflict is one perspective which can be related to all these crimes. People who are in constant conflict with their opponents are more likely to commit a crime. Conflict begins from unusual means, and it could create illegal choices, if these choices cannot be acceptable in lawful terms, they could be done by breaking the law. Conflict and communal objection dictates the society more than stabilization and correction. In


the society, it is common to come across disagreement between control and authority, which could be the common reason for conflict, and which may further lead to crimes.

The greed for power and authority has made many people take the wrong paths or various short cuts to attain power, in the pursuit to attain power many people break the law and turn into criminals. People should be more sensitive and aware of the society, and should also be aware of the result of committing such criminal activities.

Crime is doing any act which is against the law. Robbery, abuse, drugs, rape, forgery, murder and other types of criminal acts come under crime. Crime is a social problem, because any sort of crime affects all the persons concerned with the crime, and it gives a bad example to the youngsters of the society. Therefore the prevention and awareness of crime is very important, and should be introduced to every individual at an early age, and the best was to sensitize people about crime is by introducing studies related to crime at the school level itself.

To reduce further risks of crime, the prevention of crime is very necessary. The prevention of crime can be attained by proper enforcement and improvement of law giving very little chances to commit a crime, and actions to improve the public. Proper lawful rules and other actions to improve the law could lessen the prospects and attention of people to commit crimes. This can be achieved through imparting practical education and punishing people committing the crimes and preventing probable criminals. To reduce the opportunity of a person to commit a crime, authorities should take proper security measures to guard people and material goods from criminals. To reduce crime opportunities the people of a particular area could take up a colony watch and other community programs that prevent crime. It could also include taking proper


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