Descriptive Essay On William Wallace 1 Pg. Term Paper

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A Descriptive Essay On William Wallace A man of low status and called by some an outlaw or bandit, it may have been that Wallace was being used by more powerful Scottish politicians as a cover for their rebellion so they would not break their feudal vows to the king of England. Wallace captured many English fortresses north of the Forth River. In the Battle of Stirling he severely defeated English forces attempting to cross the Forth. He was then elected to the office of guardian of the kingdom. In 1298 Scotland was invaded by a large English force led by the English King, Edward I. Edward defeated Wallace's army in the Battle of Falkirk, and Wallace was forced into hiding. He lived in France for awhile but returned and was captured. He was brought to London, tried for treason, and executed. William Wallace was a man born to be a leader. He inspired and led his men with efficiency, sometimes barbarously, in a guerrilla war against the English fueled by his passion for vengeance and his love for Scotland. When we read the story of William Wallace, imagination wanders back to the times of heroism, and enthusiasm can barely keep up with reason in forming an estimate of his services to his country.

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