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Guns and Roses A documentary

Guns and Roses is a documentary about domestic violence. Domestic violence is a major and recurring issue in society. The documentary shows us the effects and consequences of domestic violence. The victims of domestic violence are interviewed to do that; the main focus is Melody. Melody is a victim who ends up killing her husband by defending herself. The angle at which the documentary is aimed at shows that the film maker is favouring the victims and is against domestic violence. The film maker may have chosen to do this topic to enforce has values and attitudes and to make others aware of the seriousness of the issue. Domestic Violence is a major concern to society and is an ever-occurring problem.

A narrator is absent in Guns and Roses , therefore the subjects that are interviewed have a strong influence to our interpretation of the images shown on the screen. By using such techniques we are enabled to relate to the images in similar ways the interviewee does and we are also able to relate to the subject more. When Melody was being interviewed the film maker chose to show clips of Melody s wedding. The use of flashback enables us as the reader to acknowledge the way Melody reacts to that situation and her feelings towards her marriage and the way it turned out. While seeing the clip of the wedding we here Melody s story of her previous marriage and that she married Brian because he promised to treat her well and to not hurt and abuse her. We could see on her wedding day how happy she was to be married to Brian, however we could hear in the background how unhappy she sounds. By doing this the film has made me feel a sense of irony towards the situation and sympathy for Melody. Brian in fact is not a good husband, he does not do his husbandry duties but instead physically and psychologically abuses Melody.

Melody tells us of how Brian is not always bad, he can be really sweet sometimes, Sometimes I feel like a princess . She tells of how she had gotten rid of him before, but he just kept coming back and apologising. Melody describes the time when Brian came knocking on the door with flowers. On the screen we see an image of a man carrying a bunch of flowers dressed nicely and well groomed. This image of Brian that the film maker has created shows us of how things might have been back then and of how Melody felt. It tells us of the reasons why Melody has from time to time forgiven him, he treats her like a princess sometimes and most importantly she loves him.

Another example of this useful technique is when Melody tells us of how Brian still abuses her after she has excepted him back. While informing us of that we see on the screen the flowers being roughly thrown on the bed. This gives us a sense of violence and reality. Reality, because that scene brings us to that point in time and by doing that we see it as occurring then and there. We actually witness it (or what it might have been like) and not just have it being informed to us.

The film maker has included in the documentary interviews of psychologists and Melody s lawyer. These interviewees tell us a professional analysis of Melody s situations and of other domestic violence cases. For example, the psychologist says that once married that man believes he is given the license to kill, bash and hurt his wife , this supports what has happened to domestic violence victims. The psychologist also states that a man is insecure and abuses his wife to give himself a sense of control. The psychological accounts for domestic violence shows the audience the reality of the whole situation and issue, it implies the need to take the issue seriously. It tells me that it can happen to any body. Melody s lawyer, Sue McGregor tells us of Melody s case and therefore allows us to develop a better understanding of a real life situation. This enables us to relate to Melody and to other domestic violence victims more.

Other domestic violence victims were interviewed besides from Melody. One of them was Jane. Jane s father abused her mother and her. We find out that he killed Jane s mother; he bashed her to death . Jane states that her family carries the shame of what has occurred. She carries the shame and grew up not trusting anybody. In the documentary we do not actually get to see her face, we only see her hands and her back. This enforces the idea that she is still uncomfortable to reveal herself and let people know that this unfortunate and shameful incident occurred to her. Another interviewee is Phil Cleary, he is the brother of a domestic violence victim. We get an account of his feelings and his thoughts towards the issue, the law has to enshrine rights of women . This statement along with the tone of anger and resentment lets us acknowledge Cleary s feelings and thoughts, and probably that of many other victims and/or families of the victims.

Nearing the end we are told that Melody killed her husband in act of self-defence. However, she was not sent to jail. By showing this, Melody s action seems acceptable; she is still made out to be the victim. We are shown the scene of Melody catching the train. This is a metaphor for a journey, it shows that she is moving on, and eventually getting on with life. The use of such techniques allows us to see that we can stand up to domestic violence and stop it, a good ending can come out of it, just like it has for Melody.

Gun s and Roses have Melody s point of view and also of other victims, the families of the victims or of someone who has something negative to say about the men who committed the offence of domestic violence. By doing this, the writer creates a view that says domestic violence is bad and we cannot tolerate it any longer. We are given the point of view of the victims so we are able to acknowledge the pain and sadness that they go through because of domestic violence. We are made aware of their feelings and therefore are enabled to relate to what it might feel like to be that person, to be a victim of domestic violence. This allows us to interact and get involved with the documentary and acknowledge what the writer is trying to imply. The point of view alters our whole perspective of the situation. If we were to get a point of view through someone who supports domestic violence, we will not be able to understand it the same way. We will not develop sympathy for the victims, as we are not aware of their feelings or thoughts.

The values and attitudes presented in Gun s and Roses enforce some of my own personal values and attitudes. It has also influenced me to see things differently. I was always against domestic violence but the documentary has influenced my views as to how seriously to treat the issue. The documentary shows me how domestic violence can happen to anyone. It shows me how important the situation is and made me pay more attention towards the issue and respect the victims. We learn that the victims cannot always just leave their boyfriend or husband. Maybe because they love them or cannot leave because of the threats they will get from them or because they have a child together and it will be unfair to the child. They may also believe that they can change their partner. We learn that there is more to the situation then what meets the eye, such as the history that the victim has had with their partner, the things that they have gone through.

Many other values and attitudes that I already hold of domestic violence which is enforced in the documentary is something I have gained from other documentaries, magazines and feature articles (ie. I went from Soap Star to Social Worker to Domestic Violence Victim ).

This documentary has given me an insight to domestic violence and enabled me to realise that it can happen to anyone. Domestic violence is a very common problem, I did not realise that until now, I use to think that there was a very slim chance of someone being a domestic violence victim. In a way, the documentary can change the way things are such as lower the chance of domestic violence from happening, by letting us acknowledge the situation. Therefore not making the same mistake as the victims did or by standing up for ourselves. It may even aid the many other domestic violence victims, to defend for themselves, to let them have hope and the strength to fight for their rights, or just to let them know that they are not alone.

Guns and Roses has made me fell sympathetic towards Melody and other domestic violence victims. The documentary has definitely opened my views, and I bet to many others, to see the problems our society holds. Therefore it enables us to do the best we can to improve it, even to the slightest.


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