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Cocaine is a narcotic drug extracted from the South American

coco plant. Cocaine deadens skin and mucous membranes. A

doctor may use it to deaden the area around a wound before he

cleanes it or takes stitches. When it is taken internally, cocaine

causes a temporary stimulation of the nervous system ans a feeling

of pleasure. However, later, the victim is seized by a feeling of

great fear and may even become violent.

Marijuana is made form the shredded leaves and stems of the

hemp plant. It can be eaten, but isusuallysmoked. A stronger forn

of the drug called hashish, is made from the flowers of the same

plant. The plant must grow in a hot dry climate to produce large

amounts of the drug. Most of the supply in this part of the world

comes from Mexico.

The drug in marijuana THC. In large doses it is a powerful

hallucingen, like LSD. The marijuana smoker generally gets a

small dose. In these small amounts, it acts more like a sedative.

The effects are felt quickly and last for a few hours after smoking.

Though the drug remains in the body for nearly a week.

The effects of marijuana include; appearance of silliness,

increased pulse rate, lowered blood pressure, red eyes, "feeling

good", changed sense of time, poorer hearing, poor concentration,

loss of attention, dreaminess and poor short-term memory.

A drug is any substance used as a medicine or used in

making medicines, for internal of external use. Aspirin helps us

with head-aches but while it does it's work on our heads, you'll

have other symptons. The other symptons include; ringing in the

ears, dizziness, difficulty in hearing, dimness in vision, mental

confusion, sweating, thirst, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Drugs

of plant origin such as the guinine, are called natural drugs. Other

drugs, such as sulfanilamide, some vitamins, as well as many

others are made in laboratories and are called synthetic drugs. It

may surprise you to learn that naturally occuring drugs are found

in coffee, tea, and cocoa and the Kola nut which cola drinks are

made. These popular beverages contain substances which prevent

sleep and cause emotional excitment. These substances and others

which cause similar responses are called stimulating drugs. Coffee

and tea are widely consumed and its easy to form the habit of the

"coffee break".


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