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Just say the word "DRUG", many definitons and meanings will come to our mind. Drug is used as an ingredient for medicine but many people use drugs in the wrong way. We can't just say that drugs are not only narcotic but also common. Everyday medicines such as aspirins are used. This kind of medicine also are drugs.

When we take drugs the right way as medication with the approval of a doctor, drugs could help to ease the pain and illness. There are many types of drugs in this world. The common drugs are are used are like, marijuana, heroin, and hashish, lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), cocaine, nictoine, amphetamines (known as pep pills, ecstasy, and many more.

Drugs fall into three categories. First, there are the stimulants such as cocaine and amphetamines and the depressant such as barbiturates. Lastly, there are the psychedelic drugs that include marijuana, hashish, peyote, and LSD. Each category has it own effect on its users taking it. The most common stimulants are amphetamines. It keeps the users awake as they ward off sleep. When it's taken always, it can 'eat' the body tissue and will 'break' the brain. When the user directly injects the drug into their body, the amphetamines will create a sexual flash. However, after one effect of the drug, whether the user swallows or injects it, wears off, a sudden attack attack of deep depression will hit the user. They will find and take more drugs to make their body back to normal again. Research has shown that users may become wild while under the drug's influence.

Barbiturates bring a sleepy feeling to the user. It is most dangerous and risk when the user takes it in a large amount. When it is taken overdose, it can damage many of the user's body organs such the heart, liver, lungs and kidney's resulting in death to the user.

Psychedelic drugs have many ill effects such as marijuana will relax the user and bring the user a gentle sort of euphoria. The user's senses of time distance are distorted and at times. The user experiences mild hallucinations other more potent. Psychedelic drugs also has the same effects, but on a much more scale. Hallucinogens are another type of psychedelic drug. The drug addict will become wild, sharp, and sensitive.

Drug abuse had adverse effect on the community and country. Drug abuser or drug addicts are often left aside and faraway from their own country. They don't care what is happening to the world because they prefer drugs than living a healthy life style. It is unfair to say that drug addicts are jobless because some do hold their jobs. However, drug addicts eventually will lose them due to their poor performances and inability to cope with their jobs. The drug addicts who are jobless become a great burden to their family, friends, and community. They are also involved in crimes. They will rob, murder, and threaten people to get money to buy their supply of drugs. We know that drugs are not cheap and addicts spend more money to buy it. Drug pusher try to attempt youngsters to take drugs. "You'll feel good and your problems will go away," they say. Once the youngsters are hooked, the pusher can relax because he now has a good way of getting money through selling it.

What turns somenone to a drug addict and makes them a drug abuser? They have their own reason that turn a normal human being to drug addicts. They try drugs under the influence of their peers. Another reason is because pressure from parents and peers who reject them. The drug addict can't take this pressure and soon they turn to drugs. They want to escape from problems and pressure causing most people to turn to the easy solutions.

As we always hear people say "Prevention is Better than Cure," so it is certainly better to stop a person from starting on drug than to cure them. Parents should not put on pressure on their children. Therefore, it the the duty of every citizen to ensure that drug abuse is stopped.


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