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-Social Problem: Teen Suicide

-Social Problem- Any problem that may cause pain and may affect a person’s life.

à Teen Suicide- Intentional and self-inflicted death.

à Related to substance abuse (drugs/alcohol)

- This is a Social Problem because:

- Teens (people) feel something is wrong with their lives, so they begin to abuse drugs/alcohol to get their mind off their problem. This makes people upset with their lives and think that committing suicide is the “easy way out”.


- Family problems

- Relationship problems

- Death of a loved one (friend/family)

-*Drugs/Alcohol à Suicide


- Individual: Suicide, substance addiction.

- Family: Grief, depression, guilt, arguments on blaming.

- Society: May cause others to think it is a way to get away from all their problems. “easy way out”.

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