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The rising prison population in America is becoming a very serious problem. Too many American citizens are being locked up for crimes that just should not be against the law. The majority of people being convicted and sent to prison is due to the excessively strict drug laws, or the so-called, War on Drugs . If a person chooses to use drugs on a recreational basis, then they should be allowed to do so with no interference from the government. If drugs are worthy of lengthy prison sentences then why is it possible to go into any convenience store and buy a twelve-pack of beer? Prohibition was enacted in the early part of the last century, and was repealed a little over a decade after it had become law. The people of this country would not, and did not obey such a law, so why does the government think the drug laws of today will succeed? It is evident that the laws governing drugs are just not working. How many more decades have to go by until the government realizes that over abundant laws is not a viable solution. Or is it their intent on locking up as many people as they possibly can.


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