American Citizen

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My Role As an American Citizen My role as an American Citizen is very important to me. I have many thing that I would like to do to become an American Citizen. The thing that I would most like to do to become an American Citizen is to help people help kids out so that they can learn a lot about the life that is among them. Next I would like to talk to you about helping people to stay off of DRUGS and not to become an alcoholic. Then last I would like to talk to you about helping out old people and helping people that are homeless and need a place to stay. I would like to help little people out and help them to be that they would like to be when they grow up. I think that we the older people should set the example for the little kids in our nation and in our community. You just have to think and remember that the little kids are the older people in our nation. The little kids should get a chance to learn what ever they want to learn not just what you want them to learn. The little kids and the older kids just need to known how much you love and think about them. Next I would like to talk to you about Drugs I think myself that drugs are bad and that you should not even lay your eyes on them to began with. I think that drugs are dum and that if you start to smoke them then you have a problem because they could really affect you brain and your you think in a way that you would not know about if you did not go and see a doctor about it. So if you have a bad Drug problem then I encourage you to put the drugs down and do something a lot more better with your life then just setting around doing drugs all day long. So take my advice and don t do drugs. Last but not least, I would really like to talk to you about old people and the way you could help them out the way that you could help homeless people out. If you ever had a chance to help an old person out or a homeless person out? Well if you have ever then what did you do? I think if you would give up on minute of your time then if you would stop and think of how many people we have out in this world that are homeless then you would or might come to think how sad it is to look at someone that has no home to come to at night when it is really cold out side. If you would just think how lucky you are to come home to a worm and clean house. So just take ea moment out some day and just think about what I told you. In conclusion, Helping Young people out and helping people out that have a drugs problem and helping homeless people out are only a few thing that you can do to become a better and good American Citizen in our Nation or in our Sate. All the thing that I machined is a few things that I would like to do to help out in our Nation and to become a better American Citizen

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