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Go ask Alice is a book about a teenager who tried drugs once and was hooked. After the first time she tried drugs she thought she would never use them again. One thing led to another, and soon enough she was selling drugs to eleven and twelve year olds. Alice tried to get off drugs numerous times, but she always-ended up right back on them.

Later Alice’s parents found out. They put her in a drug rehabilitation school. The rehab was good for her. After Alice was in rehab she became sober.

Three weeks after she became sober she died. Her parents came home from the movies to find Alice dead. She had died from on going drug use. “Anyone who says pot and acid are not addicting is a damn, stupid, raving idiot, unenlightened fool!” a quote from the book.

This was a wonderful book. I encourage everyone to read this wonderful book. But I mostly encourage fourth through twelfth grade to read it. This book opened my mind to everyday things that are going on around us.

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