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American adolescences are exposed to many different drugs. Some drugs are more popular among teens than others. Teenagers abuse drugs to escape the reality of everyday life. Drug abuse will destroy America if it continues to rise. Teens and society are facing the devastating effects of these drugs. Teenagers use drugs for many different reasons. Some kids have depression due to stress. They are affected by peer pressure. Parents cause stress, sometimes expecting children to be the best in everything they do. Hormones are a big factor. High hormone levels will cause them to use drugs. They make acceptance of the opposite sex very important. Teens use different drugs for different reasons. The most popular drugs for young Americans are street drugs. They have different short-term effects. Ecstasy, a central nervous system depressant, is popular drug at teen all night dance parties. Ecstasy can cause dizziness, drowsiness, unconsciousness and seizures. When young people use ecstasy they are social and happy and usually very friendly (McCormick 54). Another class of drugs that make the grade among young people is methamphetamines. The drug is a nervous system stimulant, nicknamed Crystal (McCormick p40). When teens use. Crystal , they experience heightened awareness and are unable to eat or sleep. These drugs can kill, generally known as designer drugs. According to Mark S. Gold, M.D., a teenager who starts using drugs may not have a happy future. Drug abuse interferes with the growth and development of the body (112). For example, drugs impair the brains ability to function and over time could permanently damage its development. These impairments could affect a teenager s ability to make his or her own decisions. The mind of a teenager cannot always recognize the long-term effects of drugs (112). Society also feels the effects of drugs. The families of these children are under a considerable amount of stress. They are concerned for the future of their children. Communities have high rates of crime from vandalism to grand theft. For example, if an addict becomes desperate, he may find stealing as an alternative to get money to buy drugs. The government must try to control these events through programs and research, which cost a great deal of money. The government allocates budget to drug abuse and rehabilitation. The governmental war on drugs takes focus away from more important issues, such as world peace and hunger. Now, there are far too many teens using drugs. Surveys conducted by the government in 1996, indicated that drug use among teens had doubled from earlier surveys (Warner). For example, drug use among teens was previously 11 percent and rose to 24 percent in 1995. The Street drugs were at 54 percent. Donna Shalala from Health and Human Services said users are getting younger and younger each year. Drug abuse affects a lot of people. America must stop this drug problem before it s to late. Society needs safe communities. Where children are away from drugs. This problem can overcome young people. This country needs strong leadership in the future and new children. Works Cited McCormick, Michele. , Designer Drug Abuse. New York: Impact Books, (1989): 40-43, 54 Gold, Mark S., The Good News About Drugs and Alcohol. New York: Villard Books, (1991): 112-113. Warner, Margaret and Shalala, Donna. Teen Drug Use Doubling. Online News Hour. Posting 20 August 1996 http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/health/august96/teen_drug_abuse_8-20a.html


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