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Some People say that the world has many opportunities, some say that you can’t get anywhere unless you are born to some certain class of people. Some even say that it is pure fate that brings you where you are going to be and what you get is what you get and you can’t do anything about it. I think that people decide their own fates and it doesn’t matter who was your parents or how much money you have. I think that your education is the most important thing that you can have in life it can bring you many things like; advancement, family, stability, a career, and of course knowledge. In many countries your job is already decided when you are born because of what your parent does for a living and their stature in society. That is many people say that the United States is the land of opportunity, you can do what ever you want with your life as long as you earn it and have the right qualifications. You can decide weather you want to continue after high school and education or get a minimum wage job. Many people take that right for granted and they put off college until they after they have a family and get settled with out knowing that their family will take up the rest of their lives. People who are from other countries who move to take advantage of this right we take for granted understand the purpose of a higher education. Advancement is inevitable no matter what you do you will have to be going forward in some way. Weather your advancement is to a new position in your job or a whole knew career, even if all you are doing is going to the next day you are advancing. I think that if you want to decide where you are going to advance to you have to have a good education. If you don’t have a good education you are going to play life like that lottery, you may go to a better job where you get better money or you can get fired because they want someone with more education. You never know what can happen to you in the next week or even the next day. Family is one of my biggest priorities in life besides my education. The future, that is how I look at family. Either you can teach your kids about higher education by example or by your mistakes. You also need a higher education for a family because you need to manage the bills and keep up books on your finances. If you have no education and a bad job you will never have your own home. You will not be able to provide for your children or yourself as well as you would if you had a higher education. A career is the goal of most people in the world, but sometimes I think that there are not enough available for all the people who want one, so if you want to get one you will have to work foe it and prove yourself to be worthy of the job you desire. So that requires a higher education. With a career you have all the things that I have mentioned available to you. You can even get your own business and be your own boss. You can save money and plan for retirement, you can start a college fund for your children so they can get a higher education as well. Knowledge is the key to the world. It is the factor between man and beast, between who you are and who you want to be. Knowledge is what having a higher education is all about. If you had all the knowledge in the world you would be undefeatable. No one could stand in you way. You need knowledge to teach others how to become what they want to be, you can teach the next generation who will take care of what you have worked your whole life for and if you have knowledge you will teach them right and trust that they wont destroy your dreams. When the people say that the world has many opportunities I think that they are correct. The world does have many opportunities, people just have to work for them. It is not fate that decides what you are going to be or where you are going. People decide their own fate and take advantage of the opportunities that they choose. I think that fate is just something that people who are lazy and want the world to come to them thought up. They really had no plans on getting a higher education or actually working for what they wanted in life, so they thought up an idea to soothe their conscience in thinking that there was no problem with not working for what you need to achieve in life. Or maybe fate is something that people with a lucky streak thought up because they had no other explanation for their fortune and they had to give it a label. Stability is very important to many people, some people travel all around the country moving from house to house never knowing where they will live the following months. All because they

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