Playstation 2 First Impression

October 26, 2000 was the launch day for the Sony s Playstation 2 in US. When the PS 2 was released first in the Japan the system was sold so quick, if I remember correctly they sold over 1 million units in 1 hour, now that is something amazing for Sony to happen when they have a powerful system like the Playstation 2. So when it comes time for them to release the system in the US, they decide to do a few changes. The first thing Sony wanted to put an end to the piracy scene, mainly the mod-chip that allows you to play backups on your system. To achieve this they had to basically re-design the whole PS 2 motherboard so a mod-chip won t be possible or it wont be possible for this chip to be installed in the motherboard. Will this work? For now, but it will probably be cracked in the future by someone. Only time will tell. The next thing that probably scared Sony was the Microsoft s X-BOX which comes with a built-in Hard-Drive and the ability to surf the World Wide Web. Mainly downloading free demos of the net so you don t have to be dependent upon the game magazines to release demo cds in there each issues. |

Unfortunately because of some chip shortage Sony was unable to ship more than 500,000 units for the launch day. First of all the PS 2 was really hyped this really caused havoc. To get your PS 2 that day October 26th, you had to sleep over at your local retailer so you can basically get you ticket to get a PS 2. The ticket was given around 7 AM at Target and Wal-Mart. Unfortunately for me I went to Best Buy to get my PS 2 thinking that the ticket will be given around 7:30 AM that day but they ended up giving the ticket around 9 AM. Luckily Best Buy was the only retailer to receive over 120 units of PS2 and I was #83. Man that was a real lucky day! You might be thinking what the hell is a ticket? The ticket grantees you that you will get you PS 2 that day but only that day. If you don t buy it by the end of the day you are most likely not going to receive one. Stores like EB only received around 32 units so not all the people received their PS 2s the day it was launched even if they pre-ordered the system months and months ago.

After receiving the ticket I had to wait another hour for the store to open so I can get my PS 2 and rush home to test it out. So I paid that big as check for $360 something for the system and brought myself SSX as my first PS 2 game. Once I got home I did the as usual plug all the appropriate wires to the VCR and pop that SSX CD into the cd-tray.

PS 2 s graphics are top notch while I pretty much felt that most of the games for the system were pretty lame because they don t take the full power of what the PS 2 has to offer. Most of the developers released some great looking games for the system on the launch day. Only a few games were top-notch, which includes EA Sports SSX, Rockstar Games Midnight Club Street Racing, and Smugglers Run, and Namco s Ridge Racer V.

One of the first things you notice is that the PS 2 can play regular PSOne games, but the games aren t 3D Accelerated. The only difference is that your loading is a lot faster than the original PS.

When I first started to play SSX I noticed all the textures, terrains, models were real detailed which I have never seen before in a game. They were much better than the stuff found in Rippin Riders for the Dreamcast, which isn t a bad game at all for the system. One of the other cool special effects was the lighting in the game, which was just amazing; the next was the snowboard tracks that automatically formed as you move around the track with your snowboard. As you make each turn you will see snow flakes flies here and there because of all the pressure you put when making a sharp turn this was amazing to see and best of all there was no drop in the framerate.

So far I have only played SSX of the PS 2 and hopefully soon I will be able to add more stuff to this impression as I get to try more racing games like Ridge Racer V, NASCAR 2001, Smugglers Run, and many more to come.

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