Womens Rights Movement Term Paper

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Women s Rights The role of women in the many reform movements from eighteen to the nineteen hundreds, was a time of major change. Before this time all women were was possessions to their husband, they did only house work and cooked. After that time they became educated and learned that there was more to life that what they had known. As any human has acted in the past, women started to rise up and demand more, not just for themselvs but of the world around them. About the mid nineteen thirties the anti-abolitionist went on large rampages in the north , meetings, free black homes were destroyed , and so too were the homes of wealthy sporters for the free black. it could be said that at this time when women started to try to remove the shackles from the slaves they found the new shackles on themselves. All women at this time were considered biologically inferior to men, they also had no rights on land or money, even more so if she got or was married. Only the quakers were against this kind of treatment, there the ones that had the idea of "men and women being equal." News quickly spread of this new way of life for women; the demand for a say in abolition was highly opposed by the males in the same group. This and the London anti-slavery convention, which would not give a seat to the female delegates was the final straw on the camels back that transformed into a "feminist movement"

This is only one movement that women were attracted to, but this one is the only one that had the most impact on them as a group, a group of individuals, people. The other movements like education, hospitals, food processing factories and many more all had a similar result. To this day the feminist party is strong, its morals and attitudes have altered from is original meanings but it has always had a firm foundation.

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