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Hey,…Good Is a Four-Letter Word

Throughout time, the struggle between good and evil has carried, in situations pertaining to both social and personal morality. Women have always seemed to be affected by this moral struggle. Throughout time women have have dealt with oppression and the ideals set for them to act a certain way in public situations. It seems that women have always been expected to maintain a good image in public.

In past times women have been frowned apon for things such as drinking in public situations, but with the relatively recent upcoming of the women’s feminist movement, many of these “social standards have become archaic and socially obsolete. Like Ms. Loh discussed in her piece “The Return of Doris Day,” the eighties became a time of “revolution,” a time for women to “act how they felt.” With women such as Madonna leading women to be comfortable with their sexuality, the “awesome eighties” opened the door for women to follow their male counterparts to take advantage of the world’s newfound openness to “sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll” lifestyle. With this freedom came the attraction to become the stereotypical “bad girl.” “Live according to how you feel, flaunt your sexuality, and don’t fell sorry for it.” This idea was great in the eyes of the participants, but from the outside, it just seemed degrading and disgusting. This disapproval probably only fed the fire, aiding the feeling of rebellion.

Essentially, the “bad girl” image was more of a trend, a short-lived chance for the participants to rebel, to fit in by being different. After the image began to die off, there was an apparent reemergence of the “good girl,” which, much like the “bad girl” image, probably was the product of the women’ liberation movement, and their belief that women didn’t have to be treated like sex objects, that they could be strong and single. Another major factor in the “resurrection” of the “good girl,” was the introduction of multiple new sexually transmitted diseases into the world. The threat of possible contraction of potentially fatal illnesses, such as AIDS and HIV, have scared the pant right back on many girls.

Perhaps with today’s youth being raised by a generation that took their newfound rights, and “ran away with it,” The “good girl image has returned through parental guidance, and their preaching through personal experience.

Perhaps the image of the ”bad girl” has not been revoked, but the standards that judge people have just been lowered. It seems that people have chosen to overlook the situation, instead of confronting it. Over the centuries, people’s morals have become relaxed, and their standards lowered.

Honestly, I think that the image of the “good girl” has returned through the same reasons that the “bad girl” image came. It seems that the media has projected the image of sexuality through the idea that there is something subconsciously attractive about young innocent virgins. So, maybe the “good girls” are being good, with hopes of being bad. What’ next, rent a’ virgin, “holy” sex toys, or, better yet, stripper nuns. Who knows?

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