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When we looked at what the author Rich is saying is when we use words the complexity of it is how we are going to write these words. This is for it to refer to certain things applicable to what we would like it to represent. Words should have an impact or supports another to bring out its meaning. It is normal for us to be in a society where changes have to go on.

According to the essay by Rich women in society are going through a stage in life that they are not satisfied with. Looking back many years, the pattern is the same. So she is calling out to women to start going and get things for themselves. We should be doing things of our own so we would not depend on nobody. There are situations where a woman has been a luxury for man and has served him in a variety of ways.

We look at how luxury is going to change the way a woman feels about it. With the concept of been a luxury, the woman is dissatisfied with it. The language used to explain the feelings of how women are being treated. It is so accustomed for women to be treated differently from men that it is normal for men to have special treatment. Women feel that their place in society is very important. The problem with women, they are afraid to make changes because they feel they are going to be in situations where help is going to be needed from men.

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The situation is getting to be over bearing so we should stand up for ourselves.

Women should start creating an agenda for themselves. The changes would have to take place for women to be effective. Women rights have being violated. With the society at this present moment the men are the ones setting the pace. The women are the followers in the society. Women should try to end this ordeal that is threatening their presence felt.

Tradition has played a very important role in a woman's life. Looking back at the way she was brought up and the environment she lived in would determine how she would be able to accommodate the changes in her life. Women should try to find solutions, so that they would be satisfied with their living conditions. With changes going on worldwide it is time for women to stand for themselves and be a dominating figure in their society.

Women are going through a process just to please men and this is not supposed to be in that manner. Rich is saying that women should start making the changes that would make themselves satisfied. The domination of men in an environment is making us feeling sorry for ourselves. Women should rise up and prove their values are as important as the men values out there.

Everything takes time to achieve. Women should have a very good esteem of themselves. Women can do a lot better to improve their way of life. They should start making their own suggestions and oppose those of men. It is time for us to begin challenging the men in our society. This way it is going to show that we have decided to let the men out there felt our contribution in the society.

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Women literature could not be present in society without the consciousness of the black feminist. The sharpened our thoughts so that we can be aware of our writings.

The growing of the feminist movement in society creates a fresh vision for the first inroads of women scholars. Many things still need to get done in the male dominated world that we live in.

The result that women are having does not compensate for the time they are putting in their work. This should not discourage women from doing what they believe in. Women should reach out farther to achieve their goals. The missing link is just around the corner. It is inside of a woman to feel that there is something waiting out there for her.

The economic and political situation existing in the world is bringing down a woman. It is not so satisfying living in a world dominated by men. The situation can be better if women can just be more effective in what they do. It is never good to give up in what you believe in. Everyday living can be a challenge where you have to go do everything for your self.

The existence of man in the environment is more fascination than domination in the society. A woman feels rejected because she cannot compares herself to a man. It is whereby love is a source of her suffering, and to view that victimization by love as an almost inevitable fate. There are some women in the society who would just not support other women in what they believe in.

There are women in the society who would be in the domestic activities, and view it as not doing any work at all. Women are just not seeing what is ahead of them.

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Women should open their eyes and look what is inside of their thoughts. They type of work that a man should like to see a woman doing should have no effect on the woman.

The patterns over the years have shown that women do things to satisfy men, and not themselves. The concerns of a woman to do things that would make a man feel

good about herself should be stopped. She should do things so that she would be satisfied with what she is doing. This has been going on for a very long time so the changes needs to be in effect.

The influence of men in the society is a dominating factor that women should looked closely into. Women should start asking questions about their role in the community. The basic necessity that would upgrade the values in women is for them to look what they value most in life. They should let their views and ideas seen in a different perspective.

Many thoughts and ideas of women have being overlooked. It is about time that we should have some things in our own way. The activities going on in the everyday life is making us dormant. Women should go about doing things that would have an impact on men in the society. The activities that men are involved in should encourage the women to do better than them.

Sometimes the context applicable in a marriage where you are loyal but you are dissatisfied being loyal. That is where you are committed to do certain things in life that you are not satisfied doing. With the idea of being independent but still in an

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environment dominated by men. So it is something that you are trying to avoid but it keeps coming back to you.

Doing the right thing do not make you feel satisfied because you are doing it for a man to be satisfied. Everything in life requires a sacrifice in something you have to give up. Your place in society is so demanding but it still not recognized by the male figure in the environment that you live in. It is something that goes back a long way where you are going to struggle to get there.

The feminist concept and observation of the male stature in society is where men would like to dominate themselves. The pattern can be seen where women did come a long way to improve their way of life in the society. There are women out in the world that is suffering to reach out to get the attention in the media to resolve the struggle in life.

Everything is moving at a slow pace for in terms of women struggle in the society. For them it is as if the world is not going to change in their favor because it is designed for a man. The system of living where everything is set in place for men makes a woman tired of making suggestion to improve their way of life. The male domination in society is making women less vulnerable.

The ideology of women in the environment should be taken into consideration. Like any male dominated society that we are living in changes seems like it would never happen. Women should be able to do whatever they feel comfortable doing best. It is more of a concern for women to look in the direction where their values are going to take effect.


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