She Walks In Beauty Term Paper

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I admit that on days when I am coping with jagged nerves, bad hair day, premenstrual symptoms and mood swings, I hate being a woman. And when I think of harassment, leering and molestation perpetrated by a man, I hate him being a man.

But on most of my good days I love being a woman, and I don’t hate men in general too. However sometime ago I happened to bump into a group of few radically opinionated women at Calcutta, who hated men vehemently and apart from their monthly periods perhaps, have nothing about them that reminds you of a woman. They dress up in men’s trousers, smoke by blowing rings from their nostrils, speak harshly with waiters and cab drivers and defy their femininity in every possible way. They told me that men are going to be the most redundant species on this earth after few decades. As the recent research says, a woman can even conceive and give birth to a child without the help of these dirty sods called men. They said.

‘Tell me what good is a man to a woman?’ They asked me. ‘Even for sex you don’t need them. Orgasm is orgasm, whether you get it by your own hands or from another woman.’

I nodded my head, not because I agreed fully, but because I was a bit taken aback and needed to shake my head to come out from the shock of hearing their bold declarations. They hated men because they have this strong notion that men hate women’s guts and are always on a lookout for trying to push her down and suppress her spirit. They believed that a man praises a woman’s beauty because he knows it will weaken her and make her putty in his hands. Well… I empathised… who knows some man somewhere had hurt them or someone they loved very badly, and had brought such wrath on the entire clan.

They threw a fit when I protested feebly and squeaked that there are ‘few good things too’ about ‘few good men’ of this world. ‘You have led a cushy life, that is why you don’t know the reality of these ba…..s !!!’ They almost thundered and glared at me as if I have just uttered blasphemy.

Needless to say I came home ‘temporarily’ transformed, and for few days wanted to gouge out the eyes of every man I came across!

Their hatred reminded me of the time when my mother told me about the uproar that happened during 1968, when a certain section of women protested on ‘Miss America’ contest, calling it an insult to the worth of a woman. They burned their bras, girdles, nylon stockings and other articles perceived as binding and restricting, and threw them in trash cans. The symbolic act meant as a protest towards ‘beauty culture’, with an assertion that women should be appreciated as whole, and not just for their beauty.

Makes me wonder why any normal woman should protest when she is praised for her beauty…and how can ‘bralessness’ be equal to the sexual revolution? I think that it would provide more titillation to a man’s eyes, when a woman is walking, running and moving about in public , without this essential piece of clothing!

(On second thoughts, maybe they were protesting against that awful cone like bras that women of those days wore, and that’s why they burned it?)

Sorry about the bad joke, but I really can’t help feeling amused at such defiant gestures.

I could never get the gist of this phrase ‘Women’s Lib’ completely. I always thought that when a woman cuts away her hair, throws away her bra, dons a man’s clothing, behaves aggressively, talks loudly, smokes in public , flicks the ash in the air, then on a subconscious level she is trying to emulate a man, because only by behaving like a man is she actually feeling powerful. I see a latent fear there and insecurity in such behaviour.

Looking beautiful is a woman’s birth right, and so is being praised for it.

And sex is always more beautiful with a man… than alone…!!

A woman does not need to ape men, or bash them up, to feel powerful. Just being a woman is powerful enough. And being truly feminine is even more powerful. See how the men stop their cars, and get down helping a woman when she is stuck with a flat tire in the middle of a road? (And see how they zoom past a man in trouble?)

Okay …on more serious note, I think that a woman’s ability to conceive and nurture a child is the most powerful attribute given to her by Nature. The supremacy of a woman who bears her child, becomes a pillar of strength in times of crisis, takes on the role of a father with equanimity, and still feels triumphant in her femininity and beauty, is far superior to any powerful man on this earth.

I wish all those ‘rebels without a cause’ could just revel in this power,

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