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As a part of submitting the recommendations for the 11th finance commission on addressing gender for integrating women in the vocational training, the paper explains the basic view about the entrepreneurship development of women.


Entrepreneurship development as a capacity building programme has made significant contribution in developing entrepreneurs providing employment to millions of people equally generating foreign exchange for the growing economy. Entrepreneurs were involved in producing import substitutes, contributing to value addition and utilizing the vast human and natural resources of the country. In view of the above contributions, entrepreneurship development through small and medium enterprises at the village level should be an important strategy for the economic progress of the nation. It has become all the more important in view of globalization and economic liberalization.


Of the vulnerabilities existing in India, the most prevalent one’s is the lack of business environment or the kind of the social inducement from the society for the promotion of the women entrepreneurship. Women living in the rural peripheries are deprived of opportunities and are confined to the world of four walls. Lack of awareness equipped with low levels of knowledge was identified as the root cause of the existing situation. On the other hand, though the community based organizations like the self-help groups (SHGs) or the common interest groups (CIGs) have made their impact in generating awareness among the rural women, the result was limited only to asset creation with rare cases of business establishments.

In this scenario, aiming at entrepreneurship development of women, a strategic perspective needs to be developed to ensure that women entrepreneurs through enterprise development will take a lead role in reinventing their lives contributing to the business development of India. The context also stresses the need for identification of the practical needs of existing entrepreneurs for innovative and effective support for women in business.


In one way, entrepreneurship development of women can be realized by a cluster development approach through which at the village level, the CBOs/CIGs (that are influential and effective) will play a role in venturing into business activities. Initially, this strategy (through market needs analysis) will identify the existing market opportunities at the local level. There by, awareness will be generated among the women through different models about the opportunities available. Subsequently, a linkage to the financial institutions will enable the venture setup by women. Using the already existing platform is the rationale of this strategy.

In another way, entrepreneurship among women can be developed through vocational training. In this strategy, after identification of women, counselling will be provided for imparting suitable vocational training. Initially, soft and hard skills like the negotiation skills, mediation and business skills will be imparted. Later, training will be imparted in appropriate women friendly trades like incense stick making, jute bag making, masala making, candle making, knitting, sanitary napkin making, embroidery, zari making, sea shell making and so on. In the post-training phase, the women will be linked to the banks, micro-finance institutions (MFIs) or the non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) to get loans for venturing into the business activity. In some of the cases, the experience shows that, women through their products were involved in supporting the larger companies nearby.

In this direction, rural enterprises can be promoted with the help of already existing schemes called SGSY (Swarnjayanthi Gram Swarojgar Yojna), which is committed for the promotion of rural enterprises in India. The crux of the scheme is to promote more and more community based activities through extension of micro credit facilities.

Moving forward:

To keep the movement strong and to address the need of entrepreneurship development of women, herewith are some of the ways to move forward:

• For building the self-image and confidence among women, giving motivational input, unfreezing and experience sharing by successful local entrepreneurs.

• For developing faith on group activities, making them to do group exercises.

• For generating exposure giving informational inputs including organizing visits to factories and big markets.

• For orienting women on market needs, making them to do market survey and project reports with simulation exercises.

(This paper was prepared, drafted and finalized by R.S.N Sharma, Member of Solution Exchange Committee, UNDP-India)


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