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Progeria is a disease which occurs in children, and the end product is rapid

aging. The exact cause of Progeria is unknown, although heriditary and

genetics may be involved. Progeria results in rapid aging of children,

beginning with growth failure during the first year of life. Progeria is a rare

condition but has come into the public because of it's startling symptoms

and the appearance of severa affected children in the movies and on national


Before diagnosis, the child's physical appearance should be very noticeable.

A child with progeria could appear to be very small and very thin with a very

large head, baldness, widened narrow faces and the appearance of the skin

appears to be that of an 80 year old person. Children with progeria develop

early atherosclerosis. However the average life span is the early teens,

although other proven case subjects have lived longer. The cause of death is

usually related to the heart or a stroke as a result of the progessed


Although there is no solution or way to end Progeria. There are scientists currently working on an end solution.

A low percentage of children born with progeria actually live to a rightful old age.




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