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Autism In Children

Autism is a disability that appears during the first three years of life. Autism

affects the nuerological disorder in the brain. Figures show that approximately

fiveteen of every ten thousand individuals have an associated behavior. Alaso it is

estimated that nearly four thouosand people in the US today have some form of

autism. Autism is the third most common disability, that is found to be prevalent in

guys than girls. Autism interferes with the normal development of the brain in the

areas of reasoning, social interactions, and communication skills. Most children

have deficiences in the verbal and non-verbal communications, social interactions,

and leisure or play activities. The child may also exhibit repeated body movements,

unusual responses to people, or attachment to objects and resist any changes in

routines. The disability can be described as more than one type, can be treated in

different ways, and can be given special jobs to help with autism.

There are many different types of autism. One reason is because the

disability is defined by certain set of behaviors. Children and adults can exhibit any

combination of the behaviors in any degreeof severity. For example, two children

diagnosied with autism can act very differently from one another. There are four

different types of diagnosis that are used to differently by professionals to describe

individuals who have some, but not all, of the autism characteristics. The

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-IV), a medical diagnostic reference, is one

of the four. Next, the Pervasive Developmental Disorder or the PDD, Asperger s

syndrome, and Rett s syndrome. The diagnosis of autism is amde when a specified

nuber of characterisatics listed in the DSM-IV are present in the ranges

inappropriate for child s age. Therefore, most professionals agreee that there is no

standard typical or type of person with autism. There are many different labels that

help to describe an autism child. Autistic-like, learning disabled with autistic

tendancies, high functioning, or low functioning autism are just a few. The child s

behavior differences are often very subtle. Each child s diagnosis relies on

observation of the child and whether or not the professional is well educated on

autism will certainly affect which label is used. Also with autism, some children may

be mildly affected and exhibit only slight delays in language and greater challenges

with social interactions. A more severly child may reqire intensive support to

manage even the basic tasks and needs of living day to day. Most children are

evaluated by a multidisciplinary team, which may include a nuerologist,

psychologist, developmental pediatrician, speech/language therapist, learning

consultant, or other perfessional knowledgeable about autism. When evaluating the

child they may appear to have mental retardation, a learning disability, or problems

with hearing. It is very important that the right diagnosis can be provided in order

to build am appropriate and effective education and treatment program.

Professionals have been trying to find many different ways to cure autism

since 1943. However, a cure seems unrealistic. Even though no cure has been found

ther are still ways to help reduce the disability. One way is Dimethylglycine (DMG),

which is technically classified as a food. DMG helps to enhance the technically

classified as food. DMG helps to enhance the effectiveness of the immune system. It

also improves the physical and athletic performance of humans and other animals.

DMG is found in small amounts in certain foods, such as liver and brown rice.

DMG is also a tablet that is found in many health stores. DMG has been used over

twenty years on autistic children. Most of the cases show remarkably good results,

especially in speech, and others show drug-resistant seizures that are stopped by

DMG. Other results have shown that the child s behavior improved, better eye

, frustration tolerance increased, and more interest and ability in speaking

was observed. DMG is just one of the substances helping to reduce autism.

Another substance is vVitamin B6 and magnesium. Vitamin B6 and magnesium are

both nutritional supplement s, not drugs, and may be purchased without a

perscription. When taking the supplements dieting is wise. Reducing the sugar, soft

drinks, and other junk foods helps to keep the supplement working effectively.

Vitamin B6 and magnesium help to increase use of words or speech, improve

sleeping habits, decrease in hyperactivity and irritability, better attention span, and

increased interest in learning. In some cases, self-stimming, self injurious, and/or

assualtive behaviors have decreased. Vitamin B6 makes the child more normal in

many ways. Many parents say their child has never been in better health than when

taking the vitamins. Improved health, beeter skin color, and better muscle tone are

other advantages. Another advantage is the vitamin can be taken with DMG.

Vitamin B6 can also be taken at any age. Secretin is another use to help reduce

autism. Secretin is a naturally occuring pancreatic hormone which aids digestion.

Sometime secretin is said not to be a treatment for autism because it is a digestive

hormone. Autistic children routinely have digestive problems such as chronic

diarrhea. For example, a four-year-old New Hampshire boy with autism had those

same problems. The little boy had not sleep through the night in two years. Instead

of lying in bed, he would stretch out on the floor on his stomach. Then when he

wouldawake and bang his head against the floor, so hard the dishes rattled in the

cabinets below. After taken one dose of secretin Caleb s, the young boy, Diarrhea

stopped and he started sleeping through the night. Secretin can only be approved if

the child is diagnosed with gastrointestinal problems. An initial small test dose is

recommended as a precaution against allergic reactions and appropriate measures.

The treatment of acute hypersensitivity reactions is also available. The negative side

of secretin is that there is a short supply. Ferring Pharmaceuticals is the only

company that makes secretin and temporarily ran out. Some parents scrounge to

find vials of secretin, even at large amounts of money ($200 to $1,000 each). Most

doctors refuse to prescribe the drug because no one knows how it affects the brain.

NICHD states: Although secretin is generally considered safe for single dose

diagnostic use, no data are available yet as to the safety of repeated doses over

time...(or on) its safety and efficacy for children (Garloch). Secretin has been

different. Caleb s parents are thrilled with the drug secretin. Caleb is beginning to

overcome his weaknesses. The usage of secretin as a treatment for autism is not yet

FDA approved and must be administered by the physician.

Special jobs are given to people daily with autism. High and low frequency

people have very poor short-term working memory, but they often have a better

long-term memory than most normal people. It is very important that high

functioning autistic people pick a college major in an area where they can get jobs.

There are many great jobs for autistic people with great visual thinking, such as:

computer programming; drafting; commercial art; photography; equipment

designing; animal trainer; automobile mechanic; computer-trouble shooter and

repair; handcraft; laboratory technician; web page design; building trades; video

game designer; computer animation; building maintenance; or factory maintenance.

There are also great jobs for non-visual thinkers, accounting; library science;

compuiter programming; engineering; journalist; copy editor; taxi driver; inventory

control; tuning pianos or other instruments; laboratory technician; bank teller;

clerk and filling jobs; telemarketing; statistician; or physcist or mathematician.

There are also jobs for nonverbal people with autism, reshelving library books;

factory assembly work; copy shop; janitor jobs; restocking shelves; recycling plant;

warehouse; lawn and gareden work; data entry; fast food; restraurant; or plant

care. In finding the perfect jobs for people with autism you should have a

well-defined goal or endpoint. Also you should sell your work, not your personality.

For example, make a portfolio of your work. The boss should recognize your social

limitations and let you know what is best. A person with autism should compensate

for poor social skilld by making themselves as good in aspecialized field that people

will be willing to buy their skill even though social skills are poor. This is why it is

important to make a portfolio of your work. Working with other people who work

in your specialty will make the work intresting and fun.

Finally, autism is a life-long, low incidence developmental disability which

occurs in the first three years of life. Autism also occurs by itself or in association

with other disorders such as mental retardation. Autistic children are very special

and should be treated like any other human. Doctors are still trying to find cures, so

who knows, oneday there might be a cure for these special people. There are also

many myths about autism. One example is the myth of refigerator parents. It is a

myth that stated that mothers were becoming non-emotional torwards ther child,

causing the child to have internal emotional shutdown. In realitiy the parents

reactions were modified in response to their child s disability. Before defining the

disability, it is imprtant to erase some of the misperceptions that persist regarding

autism- to strip away old untruths (Grandin).


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