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The Hebrews, Greeks, and Romans were all key civilizations pertaining to the molding of civilizations to follow. They all contributed certain aspects of their lives to other civilizations and also achieved great tasks while their civilizations thrived.

The Hebrews contributed one of the greatest things any ancient society could give. Their religion, Judaism, and also the key idea of monotheism; that is to say the idea of having and worshiping one God, not may like the ancient Greeks and Romans. Their religion is also the basis for Christianity, as the monotheistic ideas and even some of the Jews religious books contributed as well. The Torah, or the first five books of the Hebrew’s bible are great story telling and enlightening religious works. The main, and most important thing the Hebrews contributed was the idea of monotheism, the practice of virtually every religion today.

The ancient Greeks did not contribute in religion so much as the Hebrews did, their contributions were more towards writings and art, great epic poems, and democracy. Some of the greatest philosophers came from Greece, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. Homer, also Greek, wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey, two of the greatest works of all time, and also some of the more accurate records we have of life in that period of time. The government of Athens became the basis for many of the governments of society today. Their idea of a government run by the people was revolutionary and quite effective; their democracy was unique in its time. The Greeks also gave us the Phoenician writing system; they also had a polytheistic religion, sacrificing things to different Gods to gain the favor, respect or merely to please that particular God. The main contribution of the Greeks was their writings, and their philosophy to modern times. The Greeks also were responsible for building a library to hold some of their greatest works in Egypt, one of the first of its kind.

The Romans were a powerful civilization and had one of the largest and greatest empires of all time. Their vast civilization allowed for the integration of many different types of people into one large country, no weak and certainly no ill-advanced civilization could do such a thing. The Romans were responsible for the near destruction of Christianity, killed its savior, then embraced it. The Romans were famous for the persecution of Christians, this in my opinion, led to the Christians holding tighter to their beliefs so the Romans were responsible for the spread and rise of Christianity. The Romans, during their Pax Romana age, had many great achievements in writing and sculpture, great sculptors of this time and painters as well. The Romans were excellent builders and architects, their coliseum, remnants of their great cities and their aqueducts all still stand today. The Romans also contributed something very important to modern society, language and a number system. The Roman numeral and the Latin language both came from the Romans, these being some of their greatest achievements.

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