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Anti-Semitism In America Today

Anti-Semitism is hostility toward or discrimination against

Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group. Believe it or not anti-

Semitism is occurring today. Jews are being harassed

throughout the US too often. Jews have been getting abused by

people for years and years now. Most of this abuse has and is still

coming from Christians.

The Anti-Semitic term did not come into play until the late

19th century. Anti-Jewish feelings however can be traced to

ancient civilizations. The Romans, for example, who had poly-

theistic beliefs (the worship of many gods), did not like the Jews

believing in one god. After Christianity became the official

religion of the Roman Empire, pressure was put on Jews to

convert. When they wouldn t convert many church leaders

became upset and began to blame Jews for the crucifixion of

Jesus Christ.

This problem that Christians have with Jews is still occurring

today. Jews are being stabbed and Synagogues are being

burned. In October the home of a Rabbi was firebombed. Most

attacks on Jews that happen in the US occur in the northeast. It

makes you wonder if the people doing all of these things are

Christians. If Christians are doing these things why are they

going to such extreme measures?

A new theme park has opened in Orlando, FL called the Holy

Land Experience. The founder of this theme park, Marvin

Rosenthal says that he is Hebrew-Christian . Michael Kinsley of

Slate.com says This is apparently another oxymoronic have-

your-bagel-and-eat-it-too sect, like Jews for Jesus. Accusations

are being made that Rosenthal s park has a hidden agenda and

is trying to convert Jews to Christians. Rosenthal denies all


There is probably no end to Christians being bias towards

the Jews, unless of course every single Jewish person converts to

Christianity. Prejudice is going on all around the world and the

Jews are getting much less of it than many other minority groups,

but it is still wrong. The Jewish community is getting smaller and

smaller. It does not help that people are harassing them and

forcing conversion on them. LEAVE THE JEWISH PEOPLE



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