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Christianity Buddhism Islam

Concept Provided a substitute to the secular, rational values associated with classical culture in the west. The cause of human suffering was desire. The attachment to material things and ignorance. The concept was born among the tribal peoples of the Arabian peninsula.

Philosophy Promised redemption from sins and a life to come from which material adversities were absent. If you live with the right: views, intentions, speech, actions, livelihood, effort, mindfulness, and concentration you should reach Nirvana. The concepts of heaven and hell, monotheism, strict social and ethical command. Quran absolute word of God.

Message He preached the renunciation of material goods not merely as means of freeing the soul from temporal enslavement, but as preparation for eternal life. Humility and compassion might lead to nirvana, the ultimate release from illusion and from the wheel of rebirth. There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of God

Prayer Accessible to all . Promised redemption of sins. They prayed to the Bodhisattua goddess of mercy. She was honored just like the Virgin Mary. Recitation five times, confession daily of faith.

Rituals Prayer is an everyday ritual, and death leads to heaven or hell They worshiped Buddha and prayed to Boddhisattua. They believed that when you died you went to eternal darkness or you went to Nirvana. Fasting from dawn until sunset during the sacred month of Ramadan

The Founder Jesus brought forth a message that became the basis for the new world religion, shortly after the reign of the roman emporer Octavian, in the province of Judea. The founder was Siddhartha Guatania. Buddhism came about in the first century b.c.e. The others were the God’s of Hinduism. Allah, 622 c.a. Muhammed was the messenger of God.

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