Flame In The Wind Term Paper

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Flame In The Wind

Flame in the wind was a good movie that dealt with one mans struggle between the Christian faith and the Roman Catholic faith. It took place in a time when anyone not professing to be a Roman Catholic was burned at the stake or imprisoned for life. It all started when Carlos began reading the actual Bible. The Roman Catholics for bided the reading of the scripture but Carlos was infatuated with the scripture immediately. As he read he began to notice the discrepancies between the Romans and the Christians. Because of this he asked for permission to go to a monastery and study the faiths in a little more depth. While there the Holy Inquisition came and accused all of them as being heretics Carlos fled back to the city and was accused himself of being a heretic. He denied it and denied the Christian faith and clung to the Roman Catholic religion. They finally caught all those in the monastery and they were to be burned at the stake and the pope summonsed Carlos to set the first flame. As He walked and approached the stake he had a few words with Fernando and couldn t do it so he through the torch to the ground and rejected Catholicism and came to Christ. He Was tortured and still remained faithful to Christianity and then a friend of the family requested he be put in a cell were another could convince him of his errors and Carlos helped lead his father back onto the right trail and then he died and Carlos was burned the very next day.

This was a good movie and made you feel lucky for not having to deal with the same type of persecution as the early christianias.

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