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I agree with the Uncle that the Bible should be analyzed and interpret like any other book. Just because you are a Christian does not mean you can interpret it correctly. I come from a Christian family and we all have read the Bible. But I know that I have interpret parts of the Bible in a different matter then other members of my family, they have as well. For someone to say that only a Christian can interpret the Holy Bible is insane, people interpret things the way they perceive them. Christians were not born with a special power to read the Bible. The Bible was put here for people to learn about God, life, and to say a Christian is the only people that can understand is totally against the Bibles purpose. The Bible is the most powerful book in the world made for everyone and it is suppose to be interpret the way you see it, that is why it is so powerful because it changes people and by people that means all people. In conclusion I would just like to say that God put the bible here for everyone, and for people to interpret it differently is a good thing because it brings people together to share their different opinions of the Bible.

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