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Bless Me, Ultima

Religion is a major theme in the story Bless Me, Ultima. Throughout the novel, Tony is faced with different beliefs and traditions that he can live by, and he is often confused about which path to follow. As he grows and is exposed to new people and things, he frequently questions his belief because he sees that there are other paths he can follow. This confuses him because deep inside he knows that he wants to follow God because he is afraid of believing in anything else. Tony’s exposure to Catholicism, Ultima’s traditions, and his friend’s belief in the golden carp contribute to his growth throughout the novel.

Tony’s mother is a strict catholic and has raised Tony to follow catholic traditions. She hopes that Tony will one day become a priest and she encourages him to follow the way of the Catholic Church. When Ultima moves in, Tony’s eyes are opened to a new system of beliefs and superstitions. Ultima has powers that Tony has never seen before and he is confused when his uncles look to her to cure his uncle Lucas. He has been taught that God is the only way and so he is confused that Ultima’s power can cure his uncle but God’s cannot. Tony’s friend also introduces him to his belief in the golden carp. For Tony, this is another path he could chose to follow and his friend is very convincing. The story he tells makes sense to Tony but Tony knows he cannot accept the golden carp as a god like his friend. He knows he is a catholic and must believe in only one God. These experiences open his mind to the beliefs of others and the contribute to his growing up throughout the novel.

Word Count: 297


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