Cause And Effect Of The Increase In Christian Faith Term Paper

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The Causes and Effects of an Increase in Christian Faith

Recently there has been an increase in Christian faith for many reasons. There are many positive and negative effects of this increase in faith. The main cause is yet to be determined, but many people say that it is God s plan for more people to accept Christ during this time.

An important result of the increase in Christian faith is less crime. There has been a declining trend in violent crime over the last few years. With more people turning to the Bible for advice, people are beginning to realize right from wrong. Many people are looking to Christ to fill voids in their empty hearts.

A main cause for the increase in Christian faith is the new millennium. People are beginning to think that the second coming of Christ is closer, and they want to go to heaven instead of hell. An effect of this is less sexual immorality among teens. More and more teens are looking at premarital sex as unacceptable. This is proven by the new True Love Waits retreat where teens sign a commitment card stating that they will abstain from premarital sex.

The more people who become Christians, the more hypocrites and posers there are for non-Christians to site as examples. The non-Christians then see lifestyles full of immoral acts in which a devout Christian would not partake, thus causing them to believe that they can be Christians, but not live the correct lifestyle.

A major cause in the increase of Christian faith is many children are being born to Christian parents. The parents instill in the children their religious beliefs and moral principals. The children are taught how to witness to other children. This establishes a closer relationship between the child and the parents making the child more apt to talk to his parents about the temptations of the world.

Christianity has become more acceptable among teens and adults. Since many people are not afraid to speak about Christ in public many teens and adults are able to establish more and closer friendships. The more Christian friends a person has the more committed he will become to his religion. This is major turn around from what was evidenced during the 1960 s and 1970 s.

Since there is an increase in people becoming Christians, charities are receiving more and more money each year, thus enabling the Christians generosity to reach homeless and needy people. The people reached by this generosity have not been shown the love of Christ in their lifetime making them more apt to accept the Christians religion.

In conclusion, there are many reasons for the increase in the Christian faith. There are positive and negative effects seen in everyday life caused by this increase in faith. Although there are very few negative effects, many people exploit the Christian religion because of these effects. People will seek the true reason for the growing interest in Christianity, but only God knows why the increase in Christian faith has occurred throughout the past decade.

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