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Australian People

The population of Australia is 18,438,824.The Birth Rate is 13.73, per 1000 people. The death rate is 6.89 per 1000 people. Those two were per year on average. The migration rate is 2.71 immigrants per 1000 people. The Life expectancy is higher than the US at 79.64. (Male 76.69, Female 82.74) There are three major ethnic groups in Australia. The Caucasian makes up 95%, the Asians make up 4%, and the Aboriginal make up 1%.

The official language of Australia is English. It is spoken by more than 99% of the population. The languages come from Europe and Oceania. (Australia, New Zealand etc.) There are several Aboriginal dialects spoken throughout the country. The writing system is Arabic. The Australians often use mate as a way to address others.

There are three major religions in Australia. Anglican makes up 26.1 % of the population. Roman Catholic makes up 26% and other Christian religions make up 24.3% of the population. Burial services are very similar to the ones practiced by Americans in the US. The Aboriginal buries their dead and marks the burial grounds to symbolize the sky world in which they will be reincarnated.

The Average Australian family consists of three members. The Father is the dominant member. There are some extended families of grandparents. Some Aboriginal now live in cities although most still live in the Outback in small rural communities. Aboriginal families are generally large. The children often work for the parents in the fields or around the dwelling. Families that live in urban areas usually have a higher income rate. They usually live in houses. Marriage is your choice, like in the US. Divorce is allowed by legal agreement and Polygamy is outlawed.

Australians have less work hours than Americans do on average. They work from 9 o clock a.m. to 6 o clock p.m. They get a lot of Anglican and Catholic holidays off. Stores often close early.

Australians eat a lot of meats. Mutton and Lamb chops are common. Mutton is sheep stomach. The eat meals using silver ware. They eat on a dinner table.


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