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Frederick II

Frederick II was one of the firsts of many enlightened monarchs of his time a long with Joseph II and Catherine the Great, but he was the prototype for the monarch system. Frederick the II was the most predominate enlightened monarch of his time. It is shown the ways of his policies that he continued from his father. The policies that he made to fit in to the enlightenment. And the policies that did not connect with the time of the enlightenment. This is why Frederick was on of the greatest monarchs of his time.

Frederick II continued many policies from his father Frederick William I. One was the advocating of religion because it helped in the reduction of religionist power in his in country. The growth, strength, and discipline of the army was one of the main policies that Frederick II wanted to take over. And one of the last policies the Frederick II continued was the centralization of his country that his father started. These are the policies that Frederick II continued from his predecessor.

Frederick II developed many policies that corresponded with the enlightened period. On of which was state-sponsored education programs, which encouraged the arts and sciences. He also changed up the legal system so now torturing prisoners to obtain confessions was now banned. And he built roads, canals, and bridges he cleared forests, encouraged new industries to improve the government and economy. These are just some of the policies that Frederick II came up with which corresponded with the enlighten time.

Frederick II also had policies that did not mix with the enlightenment period. Frederick II start the Seven Year War was one event that the people did not want or like. Most of Frederick s new policies and ideas were self-serving he wanted to centralize the power in the state to obtain a stronger power presence in Europe. He also wanted to reduce the dependence on imports to his country and strengthening domestic production. These are just some of the many policies and ideas that did not fit the time of the enlightenment.

Frederick II was on of the greatest and most powerful enlightened monarchs of his time. Frederick II had many ups and downs. His ups where with the policies he continued from his father and the policies that he discovered himself that fit the enlightened time period. His downs where his ideas that did not fit the enlightened or they were too early for there time. This is the enlightened monarch of Frederick William II.


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