How did the Nazis ensure that the changes made during the 1930s had a constant public support? Why did they think this support is necessary?

The Nazis ensured the changes made during the 1930s had constant public support is by a number of reasons. Germany, being a totalitarian state, used methods to control the population. These are to deal with political, social, economic, and foreign policy changes in Germany.

One of the methods used by the Nazis was an organised propaganda movement and indoctrination, which is to put across a limited range of ideas especially when the intention is to establish other ideas. In 1933, the Ministry for People s enlightenment and propaganda was set up in order to co-ordinate the German government and the people. Under Joseph Goebbels , the ministry was effective. Goebbels was able to control the whole of Germany s intellectual life and culture, and he realized the importance of the medium radio. He also prevented the spread of threatening ideas by banning books, informs universities and schools what to teach. Much attention has been given to the organisation, production and output of domestic and foreign propaganda in the press, arts, and films. R.Herzstein calls the propaganda war The war Hitler won.

Using methods like propaganda and indoctrination, there were of course people who resist to the new system. To prevent these resistances, the Nazis use organisations to terrorise these people into accepting the Nazi rule. Terror was used to reign in fringe elements with the aid of population at large. Organisations have been set up or ordered to do this. The SS is one of the military groups which were used to terrorise the people under the leadership or Heinrich Himmler. Another group is the Geheime Staatspolizei (The Gestapo). It is a secret group which tortures people to give exact information.

To affect the political system, the Gestapo handled political offences. They set up the Gleichschaltung with various acts. They did have support from the German people. Socially, the Nazis had tried to manufacture Volksgemeinschaft, the national community. As this displaces allegiances to class, religion and others. This was ineffective because the industrial working class and the Catholics are two groups which were relatively immune to the Volksgemeinschaft. The Nazis have set up the Beauty of Labour (SDA) and Strength through joy (KDF). The SDA aimed to improve the conditions at work. The KDF was intended to help keep the workforce happy. Economically, the idea of autarchy developed. This was how war prepared Germany was.

The foreign policy is the idea of Lebensraum. The Germans needed living space.

The Nazis thought that this movement of propaganda and terror was necessary in a number of reasons. Hitler was afraid that the idea which happened in the 1920 s, the stab in the back from the army again. Furthermore, the Nazis only had a minority support. Therefore the Nazis have used propaganda and terror to achieve this. This was necessary because it ensures that the changes during the 1930s had constant public support.

The Nazi regime had constant public support, and with propaganda and terror, the support was increased which ensured that the Nazis won t be too easily overthrown. Even though there were much opposition, the Nazi movement was effective to stop this.

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