Queen Elizabeth II

Queen of England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland

Queen Elizabeth II is still queen of England ,which she has held that job since

1952. Queen Elizabeth II successor will be her son Charles Prince of Wales who married

and divorced Lady Diana Spencer or Princess Diana. Queen Elizabeth lives a very

interesting life which I will tell you about in the next few paragraphs.

Queen Elizabeth II was born on April 21,1926. When her dad King George VI

died on February 6,1952 she took throne only at the age of 25. She grew up educated by

her father and her grandmother Queen Mary, wife of George V. Queen Elizabeth II was

trained by her mother Queen Elizabeth I. She is married to Philip Mountbatten, duke of

Edinburgh on November 20,1947 who is a distant cousin of her. Harold Macmillan prime

minister from 1957 to 1963 says "She loves her duty, and means to be a Queen and not a


After her first few years as the Queen she got visits by the prime minister Harold

Macmillian daily. "To her being a Queen is like having two jobs taking care of Great

Britain, and living the life of a normal parent". She has brought Great Britain back from

being destroyed in World War II to a brand new nation fixing London to a big city which

it once was.

Queen Elizabeth II is the wealthiest woman in Great Britain. She owns a number

of royal family estates, and said "She would begin to pay taxes on her personal income".

Some of her favorite sports are horse racing and show jumping. Queen Elizabeth II has

four children. Charles,Prince of Wales, Anne, the Princess Royal, Andrew, Duke of York,

and Prince Edward.

Queen Elizabeth is a very interesting person. She has been a great queen for Great

Britain, and a roll model for many people all over the world. Queen Elizabeth II was a fun

woman to read about. You could read about her in The Queen: The New Biography by

John Parker, or you could just watch television and you will hear about her.

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