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The printing press was a wonderful invention that aided in the education of

many. But before we go into that, let me tell you a little about this contraption.

Invented in 1456 my Johann Gutenberg, he printed the Bible, now know as the

Gutenberg Bible. This innovative device worked by moveable metal type which took a

lot of time to set up, but was well worth it when you saw page after page being


The printing press had a great effect on many individuals, especially those who

wrote stories and such. One such man was William Shakespeare. The printing press

aided him because his stories were able to be read throughout Europe, gaining his fame

and popularity. Another man who got help from the printing press is Johann

Gutenberg himself. Because he was the one to invent this machine, he got his name into

History books around the world. That is fame!!!!!!!

The impact the press had on education was allowing more people to learn to

read and write. Because more books were available and cheap people could buy them

and teach themselves to read, thus becoming literate and raising the rate. Because of

the higher literacy rate there were more teachers to show how to red and write. So the

press and a great effect on my being able to read and write these wonderful essays


The impact the press had on society, was that of great nature. The books

taught of religon, letting more people know about any particular religon. Preachers

were able to get their sermons published. "The preaching of sermons is speaking to a

few of mankind, but printing books is talking to the world," noted one English


So in conclusion, the printing press and a great deal of effect on individuals,

education, and society. Such great effects that lead down to even me being able to read

and write. I am very glad that this machine was invented, it has helped the world be

educated in so many ways. Can you imagine what the world would be like now, if

there was no printing press? I would rather not even think of it.

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