Operation Desert Storm

The war in the Persian Gulf was a war of religious fervor, and cruel

dictatorship. Desert Storm was the same type of war that had occurred in this area for many years except for one fact. In Operation Desert Storm, sophisticated technology was used to end the war in a quick and timely manner.

In 1979, Saddam Hussein and his army took control of Iraq, and they immediately set the tone for his rule by killing twenty-one his cabinet members. He wanted to make his country whole once again so in 1990 they invaded Kuwait and in less than five hours, they had taken Kuwait and controlled twenty-six percent of the world's oil supplies. And it seemed their next target was Saudi Arabia.This is when the United States entered the war after a call for protection and

help by the Arabs. They set a deadline on January 15th , 1991 for all Iraq forces to be out of Kuwait, but Saddam and his army ignored the deadline. That triggered Desert Shield, or the build up of troops in the region and eventually led to Operation Desert Storm, an all-out attack to free Kuwait.It can be clearly said that due to the extreme power and sophistication of the United States and its allies that Saddam Hussein and his small nation of 18 million

people stood no chance what so ever against the mighty military of the United

States and its allies.On the final night of the war, within hours of the cease fire towards United States, Air force bombers dropped specially designed, 5000 pound bombs on a command bunker fifteen miles northwest of Baghdad in a deliberate attempt to kill Saddam Hussein.During the very week, King Fahd was persuaded to invite the United States troops to Saudi Arabia in order to defend his monarchy from the alleged threat of Iraqi invasion. General H. Norman Schwaszkopf secretly sent an intelligence officer to Kuwait reported that Iraq had began withdrawing its Republican Guard divisions

from Kuwait entirely.Several weeks before Baghdad was bombed on January 17th , 1991, UnitedStates intelligence agents successfully inserted a computer virus into Iraq's military computers. It was designed to disable much of Baghdad's air-defense system.

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