Revolutionary Leaders

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REVOLUTIONARY LEADERS Revolutions in the past have occurred because of powerful dynamic leaders. The Russian Revolution implied complete and drastic change, but the revolutionaries were the people who tried to bring about such changes. Lenin and Stalin were powerful revolutionary leaders that set up a new way of living and thinking which helped lead to the Russian Revolution. The Russian Revolution is regarded as one of the most remarkable events in human history. It brought an end to czarist regime. In its place a republic was established. The success of the Russian Revolution changed the character of the nationalist revolutions in the colonial world. They were given new social and economic content. The Russian Revolution of 1917 transformed a poverty-stricken Czarist Russia into a super power, under the guiding and very powerful and harsh spirits of Lenin, Stalin and other leaders. The major leader of the Bolsheviks was Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov who later adopted the name of Lenin. Lenin and the Bolsheviks took control of the government and lead it to the Bolshevik Revolution. The civil war in Russia and the revolution destroyed the Russian economy. Lenin shifted his role and started to revive the economy and reconstructed the government. This Bolshevik Revolution ushered in social, political and economic equality. It gave turn to the current thoughts of socialism and communism. The communists in Russia struck at Czarism vigorously through a revolution and established a communist regime. Their communism was based on the doctrines of Karl Marx. Most people today when they hear of the word revolution think of political revolution and summon up visions of terror, blood shed and change brought about by a few with the use of a force. Revolution, therefore, means threat, fear and something essentially evil to most people. An example of this definition was Russia under the rule of Joseph Stalin. After Lenin died, Stalin seized power and transformed the Soviet Union into a totalitarian state. Stalin seized control of the economy and modernized the Soviet state, ushering in revolutions in industry and agriculture. Both were very harsh on the people but successful. In 1934, Stalin launched the Great Purge-a great campaign of terror. In the end, it was estimated that Stalin was responsible for the deaths of 8 million to 13 million people. Stalin had forcibly transformed the Soviet Union into a totalitarian regime, as well as an industrial and a political power. His network of laws and regulations guided every

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