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The United States of America: The Land of Hope for Immigrants

Former President Bill Clinton once said, �Our rich texture of racial, religious and political diversity will be a Godsend in the 21st century. Great rewards will come to those who can live together, learn together, work together, and forge new ties that bind together� (Clinton 1997, p.1) Today is the 21st century, and today we experienced the most diverse population in our history. Asians, Hispanics, Mexicans, and other people living and working in the country came here to experience a greener pasture they never have in their own country. We meet them in the mall, at school, at home, on the streets. The history of USA had many stories about how many racial differences resulted to conflicts and problems in the society. Should we avoid inviting other people to our land? Should we treat them differently than Americans who are certified as true Americans? Are they different than us?

Illegal immigrants in the country are estimated to be 21,421,022 already (illegal immigrants 2007, p.1). Immigrants without due papers and green cards usually work doing unskilled jobs, low pay, and consistently avoiding the immigration officials because they are afraid to be deported. There are many real stories about illegal immigrants. We hear those stories all the time, from newspapers and the news, in movies and television, and to our own friends who we have come to know.

We usually hear of stories about Mexicans crossing the border with their families. Although the border is well guarded, still there are many Mexicans who decide to risk their own lives just to live in the U.S. I have one friend, her name is Brenda Sanchez. We met long ago when her mother still works for my mother as our housekeeper. Her mother would usually do the laundry and house chores during weekends. One day, Brenda�s mother brought her along. She asked my mother if she could bring Brenda since she has a fever that time and no one would take care of her because her husband has work. Brenda was 11 that time. Meeting Brenda was a little awkward because I do not know how to talk to her. She was so shy and keeps on following her mother around while she was working. After several weekends, I see Brenda more often, usually helping her mother do the chores.

Brenda and I became friends. My mother would let me play with her and she helps me in cleaning my room. She told me her father came first in America. When she was 10 years old, her father paid a cayote in Mexico to guide Brenda and her mother to the border. She was told not to make any noise and to carefully watch her steps while crossing the border. During that time, she thought going living in America would be exciting, and she could go to school with other girls of her age. During their earlier stay in the country, Brenda was not allowed to go outside alone. She was only told to stay inside the house while her parents work. Her father works in a road construction company and her mother accepts any job offer she could get. Brenda likes watching television and almost all shows, but she said she got bored after some time. She said she really miss going to school and playing with girls her age.

Immigration in the country is almost common already. There are many debates ongoing in the Senate about immigration laws as I heard in the news. My mother would often sympathize to those who would get affected if new laws were to be imposed on the immigrants. Although my father said that it is the right thing to do because there are many illegal immigrants working in the country but they are not paying taxes. In the end, we pay for them, but they do not contribute to our economy, or worry about paying taxes as any grown ups are. I understand my mother�s sympathy, because Brenda�s mother has long be working for us, and meeting Brenda makes me understand more what my mother was trying to say.

Richard Rayner, in his article detailed the reasons why anti-immigration laws are being evaluated by the Senate. He said that anti-immigration laws were made to protect the country from the abuses made by immigrants with the country�s resources and opportunities. But that is how �they� want the anti-immigration laws to appear and appeal to other people. But as Rayner suggested in many stories he had mentioned in his article, anti-immigration laws is not about protecting America�s economy, but rather a way to again insist the racial differences we have with the immigrants (Rayner 1996). It is not through economic terms we come to understand why other people want immigrants out, but rather the social implications of these laws.

I realized through the article the consequences if these laws were made formal by the Senate. Many business establishments and corporations want immigrants to work for them. Not because they are skilled or good, but they do whatever they are told to earn money. After all, that is why immigrants are here in the country, to earn money. They do not have opportunities in their own country that they decided to come to America to work and earn dollars. Rayner said that the economy of the country is doing well, and that it has a healthy legal immigration population which sustains the manpower of our economy. That is true considering that you do not see Americans people menial jobs, you see immigrants do it. However, as Rayner said, if we listen to people who are intelligent makes it easier to forget the theme of racial differences, specifically in California (Rayner 1996). There was even one Mexican he interviewed who said �we made California� (Rayner 1996).

Going back to Brenda, she is 16 now but we seldom see each other because I am out of the house usually on weekends and her mother says she would rather stay in their apartment to do the chores they left over the week and care for her father who is often sick. The last time we talked, she was looking at my books and assignments. I asked her why she was not studying. She said it is difficult for girls like them to o to school. She had been on the waiting list in the school nearby where they live and until now, she has not been accepted. She wants to go back to Mexico where she thinks it would be best for her father�s health and for her to be able to go to school.

I learned that many immigrants do not have complete access to education and health services in our country. That is why they often do not visit the doctor if they are sick because they do not have the money to pay for it. Many are not able to go to school because they usually do not get accepted because of lack of requirements. Rayner mentions in his article that many Americans are also sympathetic of immigrants because they do all things to work and to get proper documentation they need to stay in the country (Rayner 1996). Immigrants are important in the society because they do the work citizens would usually do not want to do.

It is sad that we as a country thinks we are living in a country full of freedom and liberty to be enjoyed by its people. But knowing how immigrants and treated and deprived of the opportunities we have, it is disappointing. Many immigrant families choose to live here despite their fear of getting caught because they think that their children would have a better life than what they had. But just realize how Brenda feels, she does not think that she has the opportunity to study in the U.S because she is an immigrant. I agree with what Rayner said, officials of our country should reconsider the laws being imposed against immigrants, because if not, we can lose one of the primary work force in the country contributed by the immigrants. The U.S is a large nation with enough resources and economy to accommodate people, who need it, why deprive other nationalities to experience the kind of freedom we are born with?

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