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The late 1800’s were a time of changing of immigration, transportation, and government, which in turn changed cities to a drastic amount. Immigration played a big part in changing the culture of the cities into their own unique culture for every city. Transportation let the people still be connected to other cities without having to travel for months to get there. The government only did a small part with changing cities due to their low involvement in culture. With the immigration of Europeans into the United States change was almost expected to come about. Many cities grew totally new parts to them like China Town in Los Angeles and other such places. This helped more different cultures to live together and to somewhat mingle. Without all of the cultures being there Cities wouldn’t be what they are today with many different distinct cultures.Transportation helped Move people and their things closer together from far away places. The improvement and completion of the transcontinental railroad helped get produce and people from one side of the country to the other with out having to go by foot or in a carriage. Transportation brought the new change from other cities to other cities spreading it throughout the entire country. Government was one of the factors that affected cities the least. The government was only able to help with transportation but could not help bring certain things to certain cities. The government also did not help bring immigrants into the country. The government helped the most through their involvement in transportation. They helped regulate it, which helped people and things to move more freely throughout the whole country. Throughout the late 1800’s Immigration helped the most at changing the cities of our nation. Transportation helped get people and things to help change cities to what they are. The government helped transportation by regulating it, which in turn helped transportation out. The main factors in the changing of our cities were immigration, transportation, and the government.

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