A New Immigration Policy Term Paper

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A New Immigration Policy

The population of the world is ever increasing. The United States is no exception to this trend. The current population of the United States is 270 million people. This year alone, one million immigrants will enter the United States, whether legally or illegally. Some of those illegal aliens who evade justice for four years or more are granted amnesty, legal forgiveness, and are given U.S. citizenship. Allowing these illegal aliens to remain in the country takes a serious toll on the economic and social levels in the United States. My proposal is to take a more severe approach to slowing down and eventually stopping illegal immigration.

The main issue regarding illegal immigration is the fact that if the illegal aliens avoid authorities for four years or more, they are granted a pardon and a chance to become a U.S. citizen. Granting amnesty to illegal immigrants permanently adds millions of poor to society. A report by the INS states, “After ten years in the U.S., average amnestied illegal aliens had only a 7th grade education and an annual salary of less than $9000 a year.” The INS report went on to say that “the cost of amnesty to the American taxpayer is staggering. The total net cost of the amnesty (direct and indirect costs of services and benefits to the ex-illegal aliens, minus tax contributions) after ten years comes to over $78 billion.” These astounding numbers are obviously an encumbrance on society in the United States and steps must be taken to remedy this problem.

I propose that the government of the United States allocate more funds for the purpose of hiring more border patrol guards. Money could be taken from the national defense fund to pay for more patrol vehicles and personnel. Another possible solution would be for the judicial system to take a more stern approach over issues concerning illegal aliens. I propose that illegal immigrants attempting to steal into the U.S. whom are caught, are immediately returned to their country of origin, no questions asked. This may seem like a harsh view to hold, but to keep the quality of living in the United States at the highest level, it is a view that more people, especially people in positions of power need to hold.

It is a fact that illegal immigration costs American taxpayers millions of dollars a year. It is very difficult to completely prevent illegal aliens from entering the country. There are steps, though, that we as a nation can take to impede the continual influx of illegal immigrants from entering the U.S.

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