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What is an American? An American is someone who loves their country and the people in it, and believes in bettering their own lives as well as the lives of those around them. Does it really matter that these individuals may be of German or Chinese descent? No, not at all. Their ethnic background has nothing to do with being American. To say that the majority of people in the United States have some sort of tie with an ethnic background from a different country would be a safe assumption. This is what makes our American Culture unique. In 1990, the United States of America started to offer each year 55000 green cards randomly from all over the world to who will be qualified according to some rules which is easy for everyone. Until the moment, many immigrants and even Americans in the U.S. don t understand the reason why they decided this action, while many immigrants in the U.S. itself don t have their legality to be here. The United States has been and will be everyone s dream. People come from all over the world hopping a better and quite life as they see on TV. Unfortunately, they don t recognize that it is a new country that they are landing on it and they have to start from scratch. Most of them agree to struggle for a while in order to achieve their dreams, however, it usually takes more than what the expected, and sometimes they can t achieve their goals as a result of the frustration they got hit with. The disproportion skills between the Native American and the immigrant have a great effect in a way that leads each one to certain way of living. For example, a Native American doesn t work in restaurants or what they call it odd jobs depending some how on his education background. On the other hand, immigrants have to do the work that most Native Americans will not except. The typical legal immigrant in the U.S. today has nearly a year less schooling than native citizens. Undocumented immigrants have even less. In spite of the numerous immigrants with excellent education and skills, there is a little doubt that they can compete with the large number of Central American, Caribbean. Immigration has a positive rather than negative effect on the U.S. One of the disadvantages is that the immigration benefits the U.S. economy overall and effect the income and job opportunities of some native-born Americans. Besides, many immigrants take advantage of welfare while they can work and produce. However, Julian L. Simon, author of the Economic Consequences of Immigration states: Immigration does not exacerbate unemployment. Immigrants not only take jobs. But also create them. Their purchases increase the demand for labor, leading to new hires roughly equal in numbers to the immigrant workers. They will promote a lot of goods from USA in their country to make some kind of profit. On the other hand, many companies prefer to hire an immigrant rather than an American to promote their products with in his or her community.


Most immigrants work in specialized sectors of the economy such as manufacturing and service industries and restaurants that many native Americans will not think about working in this environment. They pay taxes although they don t carry a Green Card or their status is illegal.Immigrant labor allows many goods and services to be produced more cheaply and provides the workforce for some businesses that would not otherwise exist and that because of the their cheap salary. Immigrants are what help America be America. They say that America is just a melting pot. This is what makes our country unique. We have many cultures, many Ideas, and traditions, but all of us have the same dream. That Dream is the American Dream. By having a variety of cultures helps people understand and learn from each other. Taking immigration away would hurt this country more than economically, but socially also. The issue of immigration must be dealt with rationally, not emotionally. Both sides must study facts, figures, and statistics in order to reach a decision most beneficial to our nation. Our lives are enhanced by the new jobs created by immigrants, the social service funds bolstered by their tax payments and the valuable technical skills and knowledge brought with them. These benefits far outweigh any negative effects and prove the value of immigrants as they pursue the American Dream in our "nation of immigrants." The immigration issue will not be solved in the near future. The debate will continue and both sides will argue tainted statistics that are bent to conform to their ideas. Since the United States is a nation of immigrants and the most powerful nation in the world, we've been doing something right. Can we deal with the immigration issue smarter, with more hard facts, and with less emotion? I say yes, but in the meantime lets not fix something that may not be broken.


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