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Immigration EssayBy Shawn Curtin1-31-99 Immigration is one of the most talked about issues today. Immigration has two sides a positive side and a negative side. In my report I will tell you about five points against immigration. My first negative point is that our economy is on the slide. 300,00 legal immigrants enter out country each year. About 800,000 illegal immigrants sneak secretly onto our country each year. That leaves us with a total of 1.1 million immigrants each year. If you were to ask me that is a big problem. 1.1 million people along with people who are already citizens in the US . Although 300,00 legal immigrants may sound like a lot, from 1900-1910 900,00 legal immigrants came into America a year. But, you also have to consider that our country needed people then because we were an empty county. Now there is a lot, I mean a lot less Blue Collar workers that 100 years ago. The Latino or Spanish immigrants represent the Irish and Italian of 100 years ago. Most of the Asians and Europeans that come ti America are schooled and get well paying jobs that might help our economy. We have no problem with these people. In everyday life today we have traffic problems. Once again this goes straight back to overcrowding. In almost every city today there is a congestion problem. On major highways all around there is traffic indigestion. Every day there is an accident or car pile up on a road, street, or highway somewhere in the US. These are mostly caused by overcrowding. If this overcrowding is not controlled in 50 years, 70 million more people will be in the US. That is going to cause major problems. With 70 million more people added to the already humongous population of the US, we could run out of everything like food, water, and some utilities. Immigration is destroying our country. Jobs are becoming scarce, and we are running out of natural resources. Natural resources are something a country like the US must have. By the year 2000 the US will no longer be able to export food. Other countries will be able to taste our very fine meat. Also we are running out of pure farmland. For every immigrant 1.5 acres of rich farmland is wasted due to expansion of commercial buildings and residential areas being built due to overcrowding. Destroying free land is not good. What happens after we run out of free land space. Will we have people building houses in the Grand Canyon? Or people sleeping in George Washington's mouth at Mount Rushmore.

Another problem is that immigrants will work for lower pay in jobs that normal Americans won't accept. I think that if an immigrant doesn't have a high school education and another American who does are both competing for a job and the non-educated immigrant lowers his offer and the employer accepts, I find that unfair. We have un-educated people running out stores, businesses, and corporations. When immigrants work for lower wages that brings down all wages, not only for that position but for everybody. Also lower pay brings down our economy. Also when lowering pay, company's or owners will get richer which may lead to greediness. Lowering pay is killing our economy. When immigrants feel left out or unwelcome due to differences in culture, race or language, they tend to form gangs. I am not saying all gangs are bad but, some like to cause trouble because of their differences. Some cause riots, possibly due to job problems (that's not always gangs) that lead to robberies 9 times out of 10. Sometimes these robberies lead to shoot outs . These silly things take away police officers from other or more important things. This may bee why other cities have a higher crime, murder, or theft rate. Big cities don't need big problems. Well you have heard my opinion on immigrations bad side. Maybe if our congress felt the same way our country would have none of the immigration problems.


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